Where Have You Gone Milo Hamilton? A Fanbase Turns Its Bleeding Ears to You

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But then there are the fourth and seventh innings which tend to wipe out any of Sparks's positives. This is when Ford generally steps back and lets Sparks handle the play-by-play while Ford throws out some thoughtful analysis. This is an often painful experience as Sparks stumbles through the play-by-play, attempting to describe the game action. It is unlistenable radio, and only the most dedicated of fans can power through it. It's not all Sparks's fault. He's clearly trying, but there's no improvement.

There was absolutely no need for new broadcasters. When they were unbridled from Milo Hamilton, Brett Dolan and Dave Raymond formed a fan-friendly team that made a nice use of stats, social media interaction and accurate game descriptions with strong, sometimes critical analysis of the team when it was called for. They patiently bided their time, built a rapport with listeners, and did their jobs they best they could, especially since they had the whole Milo Hamilton thing with which to contend. But instead of being rewarded, the Astros punished them. And now the Astros are punishing the listeners with a broadcast that, hard to believe, makes one long for the days of Milo Hamilton drooling over attractive women, talking about how much better it was in the days of Hank Aaron and discussing anything but the actual game on the field.

The Astros are a bad team. Bad, but improving from game to game. The radio broadcast shouldn't be bad, especially with most of the city still unable to watch on television. Yet the radio broadcast is so bad it's almost unlistenable, as if Astros brass made a conscious decision during the off-season to drive away any people who might want to follow the team on the radio.

The team deserves better. The fans deserve better. So here's hoping that Reid Ryan's listening in from time to time and planning a few changes for next season.

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Good review John.  I agree with most of your points.  Ford is good (noticeably better than the old guys, especially Raymond) and Sparks is showing some mild improvement, but is still pretty bad.  He can offer some insight from the pitcher's perspective (similar to Deshaies), but he sucks at play-by-play.  I don't understand the mid game role reversal, why do they do that?  A Ford/Dierker pairing would be ideal.

I've heard Bill Brown has loosened up a bit this year on the broadcasts and is bringing some added color to his TV role.  Of course this is second hand info because I'm stuck with U-verse and no CSN.


Oh...by the way...It does not matter how bad the announcers are if I cannot get a radio signal in Katy, Texas after 8PM.


I can tell you this, as I have told the Astros several times in season ticket surveys. KEVIN BASS is the man. A former Astro, Houston resident, generally beloved by those who remember him and he is fantastic on the radio. He did an Astros bit for John and Lance back in the day and he was stellar. He must either not want to do the gig or be an incredible jerk not to be sitting in that seat right now.

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