2013 Crimesman Trophy: Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder

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College football fans of recent years will always remember October 15, 2005.

It was an unbelievably scintillating afternoon of college football that included LSU knocking off Florida, an overtime thriller between West Virginia and Louisville, and the historic "Bush Push" game between USC and Notre Dame.

It was a blizzard of activity that left you feeling dazed and exhausted in every way.

Well, Wednesday was the October 15, 2005 of Crimesman Trophy history.

Because we may never see another day where not one, but TWO players facing murder-related charges getting arrested on the same day!

In case you missed it, we finally had the long awaited breakthrough in the Odin Lloyd murder case, and we finally got to see Aaron Hernandez do the perp walk! Here's the footage:

Murder and five gun-related charges, that's what Hernandez is looking at. He's already entered a "not guilty" plea, but the judge is holding him without bail.

The evidence, everything from a bullet casing in the rental car to chewing gum at the crime scene, places Hernandez at the murder scene with the victim. The prosecution used the word "execution" in describing the crime that Hernandez is accused of.

I stand by my post earlier this week. Aaron Hernandez is a fucking idiot.

Good night, Aaron.

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No Cowboys in the Crimesman Trophy Standings? Either we are in Bizarro World or they've got a lot of catching up to do.

Sean Casey Caldwell
Sean Casey Caldwell

Worst criminal ever. This idiot makes O.J. Simpson look like Professor Moriarty.


@csoakley   There was Josh Brent, but that was during the season.  

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