Top Five Things to Do in Houston Sports This Weekend: How to Fight Early Summer Boredom Edition

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Despite a last gasp of cold air last week, it's warm outside and getting hotter by the minute. For me, the best day of the year is October 1. It's the probable end to hurricane season in Texas (if not the ACTUAL end for the Atlantic), the NFL is in full swing and the NBA is about to launch training camp. It is also starting to slowly get cooler outside and the holidays are coming. Weeeeeee!

So, as you might imagine, the worst day of the year for me is June 1. The NFL draft is over. The NBA is done (unless the Rockets are playing for a title, and that hasn't happened in 15 years). Baseball is going, but not near the pennant chase. Hurricane season is starting and the weather forecast most days is hot with a 100 percent of body sweats.

With only a few weeks until June 1, the summer appears to be starting early in Houston sports. The Rockets are done. The Aeros are gone. There are months to go for football season and the Astros are, well, the Astros. Still, there are sports-related things to do this weekend that you might fancy. Here are some of the better options.

5. Pearland Pear Run
Saturday, 7 a.m.

Pearland Town Center

The fifth annual (who knew?) Pearland Pear Run is this weekend -- 10k/5k run or walk -- benefiting the Pearland Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association. The run starts at 7 a.m. in Pearland Town Center and encompasses an area around the center and several lakes. The event is rain or shine -- most likely rain this weekend -- so get out there and run LIKE THE WIND!

4. Wod 4 Wheels CrossFit Challenge
Saturday, 8 a.m.

CrossFit Redefined, Spring

I gotta be honest, crossfitters scare the living shit out of me. That level of intensity should be reserved for something other than throwing tires around a parking lot or climbing a rope. And they are dedicated, which is even freakier. This Saturday, CrossFit Redefined in Spring is holding a Wod (workout of the day in fitness lingo) specifically designed to help introduce crossfitters to what it is like to do their brand of hellish workout without the use of their legs. The event includes crossfitters with and without a wheelchair and benefits Houston nonprofit "Wheelin' Outdoors." They seem less scary now.

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Constellation Field

1 Stadium Drive, Sugar Land, TX

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