Top Five-ish Things to Do in Houston Sports This Weekend: Memorial Day Edition

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As a general rule, unless your team is in the NBA playoffs (I'd say NHL, but most of you wouldn't even know what I was talking about), this time of year can be pretty boring for sports fans. Baseball is still early in the year. There isn't the hint of football save OTAs and college sports are nearly dead as kids prepare for a summer of slurping tequila out of the belly buttons of co-eds and sneaking smokes and free beer behind the crappy restaurant they work at to make money for more partying.

For the northern half of the country, people are just beginning to fully emerge from there cocoon-like hibernation. For them, this is a time of fun in the welcoming warmth of the sun. For people who live in the south, we're just trying to stave off dehydration, usually with a mix of water, alcohol and air conditioning. But there are still things to do in sports even if it may be a tad slim pickings. Here are the best of them for this extended Memorial Day weekend.

5. USTA Texas Racquet Pro Fajitas & Ritas Adult and Junior Open
All Weekend

Bay Area Racquet Club

Tennis and golf are sports played outside almost exclusively in the summer. In Houston, that seems almost criminal, but if you are going to have an outdoor tennis event, may as well do it right. The Bay Area Racquet Club is hosting a USTA tournament this weekend for adults and juniors featuring "fajitas and ritas," both items we can get behind at any time of the year. We'll take our rita frozen with no salt, thankyouverymuch.

4. NASCAR Whelen Series Modifieds, Trucks and Stock Cars
Saturday, 6 p.m.

Houston Motorsports Park (aka The Palace of Power)

I can't imagine a much hotter place than inside the cramped cockpit of a race car speeding around an asphalt track with no air conditioning and a super charged engine burning like a California wildfire just inches from your body. Anyone who says drivers aren't athletes are full of it and some will try to prove that as part of the NASCAR Whelen Series event at Houston Motorsports Park this weekend. The promo video features "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC for appropriate effect.

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