The Not-So Magnificent Seven: Car Thieves Busted, S***-Eating Grins Ensued

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Courtesy HCSO
Walter Martinez (from left), Christian Perez, Yourdanis Cruz, Lopez-Mendez, Miguel Saavedra, Alex Martinez and Carlos Ventura: Busted.
A group of men were arrested by the Harris County Sheriff's Office for after 29 vehicles were found at a salvage yard in northwest Harris County. The men allegedly brought them to the yard where they swapped the serial numbers. All seven are charged with placing serial numbers with the intent to mask the vehicles' true identity. There was no indication, however, that one of the vehicles was indeed Batman. The crime is a third-degree felony and bail was set at $55,000 for each of the not-so magnificent seven.

As with surprisingly quite a few mugshots, at least a couple of the suspects decided that life wasn't all bad when being booked. Obviously, Miguel Saavedra found something damn funny (or smelled a fart) and Carlos Ventura looks like he was posing for his work ID photo.

I guess some people just know how to have a good time no matter where they are or what they are doing. Either that or their faces are permanently frozen that way, which could mean the Joker was involved and then I'm certain one of those cars is freaking Batman. No WONDER they were hiding its identity!

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...what is humorous to them is they were only caught with 29 cars.

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