The 4 Top Things Not to Do Before You Walk for Graduation

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Afterwards, I'll show you where the unemployment line is located!
The four years (or maybe more) of being inside an institution that has probably cost you sleep and forced you to mutilate your liver with alcohol is finally coming to end. You're going to be graduating!

(Cue the Vitamin C song.)

Everyone is going to be there! It's going to be the day that your parents won't fight back any tears as they watch their baby boy or baby girl take his or her first steps into adulthood. It would be a shame if something went wrong...


Here's a top-four list of things not to do before you walk for graduation.

4. Don't get drunk beforehand.

Yes, it's very exciting that you're about to graduate, and you want to celebrate early. But please, don't get drunk before you walk. You wouldn't want your proud mama becoming a disappointed mama if you get up onstage and embarrass yourself. Plus, it would probably be in your best interest not to get a final ass-whoopin' from her in public.

However, getting drunk afterwards is highly recommended. You deserve it.

Instead, do a moonwalk. It never gets old and you'll look totally awesome doing it.

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