Prostitution Sting Johns: The Oddly Haired, the Wife-Fearing & the Guy Who Wants the Party to Keep on Going

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2. The "Oooooh Shit" Guys
"Honey, you would not believe what happened as I was on my way to the Galleria to buy you some jewelry tonight...."

1. Let's Get This Party Restarted

Arrest? The more the merrier! Plus I haven't had my picture taken in ages!!!

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Houston Police Department Headquarters

1200 Travis St., Houston, TX

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Wonder how much man hours this took, while "sensual massage" and "thai/oriental/relaxation massage" and other blowjob clinics all around town receive no scrutiny from HPD.  

Also none of the Korean gambling parlors off of Gessner and 610 ever seem to get busted.


Waste of time and money. Stop picking on the sex trade HPD; worry about violence, theft, kidnapping  and crime that actually matters

MadMac topcommenter

Pimps AND johns can be kinda violent. Those professionals have been known to steel and set johns up for robbery. Many girls were pressed into the "work" force by less than reputable recruiters, eg kidnapping. In fact when you consider the drugs, assault, and murder surrounding this "trade," I kinda figure it does actually matter.


@MadMac  Chocolate makers and Good Humor Ice Cream men have been known to be violent. Restaurants and doctors have been known to rob customers by padding their bills. Many teenagers are forced to work by their parents. 

Women in the sex trade almost exclusively choose to do it, under some hard-scrabble circumstances, I grant you. They do it for some good money. Johns, as you say, choose to frequent them. For some good release. It's really not a big deal. It's a mutually consensual business. Forget the other bogus arguments and just say you think it's immoral.


@MadMac  ...and stretching your point to its logical conclusion, we should ban cars because they are almost always involved in the commission of crimes.

There are laws against drugs. Laws against violence and robbery. Don't conflate them with prostitution, and the very real supply/demand for sex that fosters it.

MadMac topcommenter

Nah, I leave morality to the preachers this is a matter of public safety and public health. Taking your argument to the logical conclusion, society should neither inact, nor enforce any law, 'cause somebody's just gonna break 'em anyway. And, hey there's 'good money' to be made, right? Have fun with your libertarian-s3xploitation fantasies.

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