Oklahoma City Twitter Thugs Go in on Patrick Beverley After Thunder Season Ends (LOTS of NSFW)

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It must hurt to go into a season with the highest of hopes, dreams of a championship, go through the grind of an 82-game regular season to secure a one seed, and then have it all go up in smoke in a matter of about a week.

It's been so long since I had a team I was emotionally invested in head into a season with realistic title hopes to the degree of the Oklahoma City Thunder this past season, I almost forget what it feels like.

But based on the reaction of Oklahoma City fans on Twitter last night after the Thunder finished their quiet fade into 2013 playoff oblivion, bowing out in five games to the Memphis Grizzlies, it appears to be the worst level of excruciating.

I mean, how else do you explain fully grown adults threatening bodily harm on Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley?

Yes, Twitter's done it again.

After the Thunder's five-game collective whimper ended last night, Thunder sociopaths fans took to social media to place the blame for the Thunder's horrific second-round performance right squarely where it belonged.

On Patrick Beverley.

You know, because Beverley was the one whose knee accidentally ran into Russell Westbrook's knee, slightly tearing Westbrook's meniscus as he was calling a timeout, which some considered dirty by Beverley:

Wait, sorry, that was the time that Westbroook ran into Jeremy Lin while Jeremy Lin was calling timeout in a game back in November, which I'm assuming was still dirty back then, right, Thunder Fan? Um, anyway, here's the Beverley play (along with some bonus footage of Westbrook's bitchy rejection of a helping hand up from Beverley later in the game):

So, according to many Thunder fans, this whole postseason debacle, the dream-turned-disaster, is Beverley's fault.

Never mind that the Thunder routinely trot out two of the worst rotation players in the league anytime, anyplace in one-trick pony Derek Fisher (corner three!) and no-trick pony Kendrick Perkins, who looks like he has to remind himself, "Okay, left, right, left, right" when he runs.

Never mind that the real Serge Ibaka, when asked to stand up after Westbrook's injury, remained exactly who he was before the injury -- a passive jump shooter whose defensive overrated-ness is masked by his shot blocking numbers. Thanks to Sam Presti, he is $48 million richer, though.

Speaking of Presti, never mind that it was the Thunder's general manager who decided to trade James Harden before the season (when he didn't have to) for Martin, Jeremy Lamb and a late lottery pick that's going to net, at best, the next Jeremy Lamb.

Never mind that head coach Scott Brooks seems to use a roulette wheel with each of the players' faces on it to decide what lineup to trot out there at certain times of the game. Never mind that the best he could do in terms of designing an offensive game plan sans Westbrook was telling Kevin Durant to just dribble down and go 1-on-5.

(By the way, Brooks's offensive game plan was so bad that his good friend and former teammate in Philadelphia, TNT's own Charles Barkley, just couldn't stick up for him anymore last night. At halftime of Game 5, Barkley was prefacing his scathing criticism with "Hey, I love Scott Brooks, but...," the same way that we all talk about that one friend we have who is a terrible, sloppy drunk at parties. "Hey, I love John Granato, but....")

No, according to Thunder psychopaths fans, this uninspiring exit from the 2013 postseason was all Beverley's fault. Unfortunately, with social media, now all of these escaped mental patients Thunder supporters can directly express their disgust and warn Beverley of his eventual demise at their hands on Twitter!

And that's what they did. Thunder ass clowns fans showing support for their ball club by lobbing every possible racial and homophobic epithet as a precursor to their death threats for Patrick Beverley (@patbev21 on Twitter, if you need him).

Let's take a look at some of the most feeble-minded best ones:

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