Oklahoma City Twitter Thugs Go in on Patrick Beverley After Thunder Season Ends (LOTS of NSFW)

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Yeah, take that, Beverley! The Thunder made it all the way to the second round! How do you like them apples? Nice burn, @TDJohnson28!

Let's keep it movin'....

Okay, some real talk here for a second. I hate to cast aspersions on anybody, and far be it from me to tell you how to internalize the importance of sporting events. Hell, I work in sports talk radio, so to a degree, I need people like @nathanlee8004 to help me feed my kids. But good gawd, man, losing a playoff series ruined your whole summer? There's several easy cures for this: beer, fried food, chicks in bikinis, outdoor music, weed, chicks in bikinis. Come on, your whole summer?? Buck up, get your mind right, @nathanlee8004!


Yes, singlehandedly, Patrick Beverley ruined your season, especially when he inhabited the souls of Derek Fisher (made him shoot below 30 percent in the last three games), Scott Brooks (made him make every dumb decision the entire postseason) and Kendrick Perkins (made him, well, Kendrick Perkins).

Also, the blaming of the refs is quite Utah Jazzian of you, @SethTrickyyy.

There's more...

Ha! TOTAL BURN, Patrick Beverley! @BThomason10, totally got you!! That's your thing, you tear people's meniscuses (menisci?)! You're the 2013 version of Ray "The Crippler" Stevens! By the way, a WWE heel whose gimmick was tearing people's meniscuses would be the worst gimmick since the Red Rooster. Just sayin'.

Okay, more...

Ha-ha, great spelling, bro!!!


Right, it was a grand plan by Beverley, not to help the Rockets win but to help Memphis win in the next round. It's the most devious and patently stupid plan of all time! And it's so crazy, it just might work!

Wait, it DID work!! MMMUUUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hey, speaking of Patrick Beverley, you know who might be my favorite tweeter of Patrick Beverley death threats? PATRICK BEVERLEY! His retweets of the chumps who deleted theirs are works of art. My favorite three right here...

Man, I love Patrick Beverley. I just hope he's a Rocket for longer than a half season (which, if he were, would make him the third most tenured Rocket of the Daryl Morey Era, behind Clutch and Nelson Luis).

Okay, now we get to the best part. Two titans of stupidity who have nothing better to do than to tweet direct death threats and slurs to an NBA player who they will never meet in person.

First, I give you @ImJustReggie:

Three @ImJustReggie observations:

1. He really needs to fix his spelling of the word "ho," unless he is actually calling Patrick Beverley a gardening tool used by suburban homeowners, which is really not that funny. HOE....RAKE....SHOVEL..... See? Not funny.

2. @ImJustReggie wants you all to know that he got double-digit rebounds in a game IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. Dude was straight wiping the glass when Moses was wearing short pants, bitch! I believe he is leaving out the small detail that it was against other middle school players, but let's let him have his moment, okay?

3. Odds that @ImJustReggie would be able to figure out how to upload a picture were set firmly at +750. My casino is gonna take a bath on that one. You got me, Reg.

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