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Test your knowledge!
In a long-overdue move, the City of Houston has passed an ordinance intended to make the roads safer for bicyclists and other non-car users of the road.

How enforceable it is, we'll find out. Until then, it's important to arm yourself with KNOWLEDGE!!, and the best way to do it is by taking our six-question quiz on the subject. Get those No. 2 pencils sharpened, and no cheating!

6) Drivers have to stay at least three feet away from bicyclists. This makes the relationship between drivers and bicyclists the equivalent of the relationship between:

a) J-Lo's personal assistants and J-Lo
b) Strip-club patrons and strippers, supposedly
c) An Astro's bat and an incoming pitch
d) A driver going 75 mph on an amazingly traffic-free Southwest Freeway and the car in front of him.

5) The new law says Houston drivers "cannot maneuver their vehicle to intimidate or harass someone." This is like telling:

a) Picasso he can't use a paintbrush
b) KTRH/KPRC-AM hosts they can't just make up stuff about Obama
c) Mayor Annise Parker that she can't wear Mom Jeans
d) All of the above.

4) The law defines a "vulnerable driver" thusly:

walkers or runners; the physically disabled, such as someone in a wheelchair; a stranded motorist or passengers; highway construction, utility or maintenance workers; tow truck operators; cyclists; moped, motor-driven cycle and scooter drivers; or horseback riders.

After reading this list, most Houstonians say:

a) "For the love of Pete, who's not vulnerable?"
b) "What about that dancing guy on Waugh & Allen Parkway?"
c) "Or Aqualung in Montrose?"
d) "Horseback riders"? Really? What is this, Mayberry?

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Smart cyclists here, when riding the public streets, will learn quickly (or not) to forgo the racing culture bs of riding clipped-in, featherweight machines on hard skinnies. Pretending that you're cutting microseconds riding the hard, smooth pavement of Santa Barbara or Eugene can be fatal, even without insensitive drivers like we have in Houston.

Mary May
Mary May

went over the new law with all the drivers in the house yesterday after reading about it...With so many car/bike/pedestrian accidents, it came to this.

Marie Angell
Marie Angell

What, we can't run over pedestrians and bicyclists any more? Really, we need new ordinances to tell us to drive friendly?


I saw a man riding his bike with his daughter at West Gray and Dunlavy. Neither had helmets on and the young girl looked like she could barely ride her bike. What did the upstanding father do next? Run a light with his daughter trailing behind, almost causing her to be hit. 

All drivers in Houston are bad. I don't care how many wheels you have, they all are terrible.


There's no answer key because all the answers are correct!


Does this mean we're finally going to start ticketing bicyclists that ignore stop signs and lights? Because if you want to be treated like a real vehicle, you're going to need to start acting like one.

Kylejack topcommenter

@No_YouAreUnsafe Over 700 tickets were issued to cyclists last year, so that started a long time ago.


@Kylejack @No_YouAreUnsafe and yet I see bicyclists still running stop signs and stop lights ALL the time.  If you are on a bicycle please be aware that you are subject to the same traffic laws as cars - please don't ruin your day or a car driver's day by running traffic signs and signals.

Kylejack topcommenter

@kathiemuncy1 Sure, cyclists should obey the laws and so should motorists. I see about 90% of motorists speeding every day. 

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