Christian Home-Schoolers on Alert for Atheist Protest at Convention

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Will J.C. show up to the rumble? We have our fingers crossed -- HEY-OH!
Hair Balls is licking our lips over an atheist group's planned protest of a Christian homeschoolers' convention in The Woodlands later this summer -- few things are more awesome than watching two groups of insufferably sanctimonious windbags duke it out in a heavyweight Battle of the Blowhards.

As regular readers of the Christian News Network (we like to keep up on when the End Times are coming and whatnot), we were stoked to see that a Dallas-based group of atheists called "The Nones" and a member of the Humanists of Houston plan to drop in on the Texas Home School Coalition Southwest Convention and Family Conference in August.

The plan was apparently mentioned in a Nones YouTube video called "Home School Abuse by Creationists."

Texas Home School Coalition President Tim Lambert told the Christian News Network that The Nones "would like to keep Christian parents from imparting a Biblical worldview to their own children...This is simply another front in the war against the fundamental, constitutional right of parents to direct the care, control and upbringing of their children."

According to the Christian News Network story, one of the video's participants, a godless heathen who calls herself Sister Lilandra, said, "I'm tired of the religious exemption that people get for doing behaviors that are immoral. It's immoral to me to teach your child that the earth is 6,000 years old."

Bring it, Sister! We're hoping this disagreement between the holy rollers and the holier-than-thous erupts into an old-fashioned brawl, followed by a make-up session and a rousing campfire chorus of "Kumbaya." It's what Jesus would've wanted.

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Kinda like the media, '' .. dukes it out .... ", w/ the truth ?


If Dawkins or Maher would show up I'd go just to watch the shit-show. 


Teaching fairy tales as science to children is immoral.


I'm tired of the secular exemption that people get for doing behaviors that are immoral. It's immoral to me to force people to not be able to practice their beliefs just because you don't believe in them.


PLEASE fix the headline. I before E but not in this case.

johnnybench topcommenter

@MightyMouth77450 Maybe he meant that this protest would be the most godless protest of all?  Though that's probably better expressed as "Atheistiest." 

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