Harris County Attorney Sues Sharpstown Hotel Over Drugs, Prostitution, Violence

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Courtesy Harris County Attorneys Office
The apparently famous "Track" outside Ho Motel the Plainfield Inn.
Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, in conjunction with the Sharpstown Management District, filed suit against the Plainfield Inn off Interstate 59 and Bissonnet on Wednesday. The hotel is known around the country -- it must be because they mentioned that TWICE in the press release -- for its prostitutes who walk "The Track," an area in front of the hotel where they pick up customers.

In addition, Houston Police have responded to more than 400 calls at the motel. Beyond solicitation, the calls included arrests for a variety of violent offenses, robbery and narcotics.

We couldn't find any references to this famous "Track" on Google, which is surprising because, according to a description online, Plainfield Inn does offer free Wi-Fi. But there were reviews around the Web referencing pimps and prostitutes near the hotel, which, in photos, has a lovely pool.

Part of a review from a guest on Hotels.com read, "There was hookers on the street in front of the hotel and in the service area. The security guard was a complete idiot. He was talking to their pimp I believe while sitting on top of a car hood."

A user on Google had a similar tale:

I've stayed here approximately 15 times, because it is around the corner from our other office. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It is a known prostitution site, you will be woken up at 4 am by strung out hookers screaming at each other. I've stopped staying there, the only reason I did was because I used to get .5 Rapid Rewards credits per stay on Southwest Airlines through Wyndham Rewards, but Wyndham Hotels is a hassle, and Southwest Changed their program format, and I didn't receive credit for 9 stays, during which I was registered for a double credit promotion. So I got stiffed for a free ticket basically. If you don't believe me, drive by the site and you'll see the hookers walking around the property day and night. I've been propositioned several times when staying there, and wouldn't leave any valuables in my car. It's that bad. Room 203 is the one with the hookers next to it (they are in several), and the rooms in front are generally quieter. The cost is $50.30 per night, so for $10 more, stay at a better hotel a few miles down the road. Seriously, it's that bad.

Well, as long as you get Rapid Rewards?

Ryan is asking for a court order to force the motel owners to hire uniformed officers to patrol the motel, limit entrance to parking, install surveillance cameras, eliminate hourly room rentals (they still have those?) and get rid of condom machines (aw, even regular folk need them from time to time!). He also wants them to limit the length of stays and establish check-in procedures as well as post a sign out with a number for victims of human trafficking. According to police, some of the prostitutes in the area are minors.

This lawsuit is part of a greater program designed to shut down or place injunctions on businesses with criminal ties. They have managed to close three after-hours clubs and file injunctions against several other establishments including a condominium complex and convenience stores. There is even a trial later this month against members of the "Crips" and "Bloods" street gangs. What the hell?

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The owners of these sleazy motels know who the pimps, drug dealers, and prostitutes are in Houston. They won't go to cops though because they're making money renting rooms to them. The pimps may even bribe the motel owners to look the other way and not report anything to cops. And many of the owners of these motels are Indian immigrants.

The owners of apartment complexes around the Houston area also know who the pimps and drug dealers are. They won't go to cops because they rent apartments to pimps who keep their women there in slavery. They're making money off of human trafficking.

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