The 5 Dumbest West Fertilizer-Plant Explosion Conspiracy Theories On The Web

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Lots of answers, if you know where to look.
Investigators are nowhere near declaring what caused the explosion of the fertilizer factory in West April 17.

Other investigators, however, have come to their own conclusions, or raised their own questions. Their own nutty, farcical, inane conclusions and questions.

They are the West Truthers on YouTube, not organized in any sense but the one that makes them see a huge government conspiracy -- involving drones, FEMA, sci-fi wave weapons -- where others see a tragic accident or perhaps tragic neglect.

Here are the five dumbest West conspiracy theories on the web:

5. It's something, hitting the plant.
"There was an incoming object that hit this plant while it was burning," says Glen Kennedy of projectnsearch.

The "object, he says, can only be seen on one frame -- in his mind, if our viewing of that frame is any indication. The object seems to be simply a fire flare, at most.

Kennedy isn't completely unreasonable, however, about what the non-existent object might be: "It' not an asteroid," he says, "I mean, the chances of an asteroid impacting on that particular spot is just outrageous. There's no way."

4. It's a missile.
While Kennedy is bumbling around wondering just what a non-existent item might be, cip 1883 knows what that non-existent item is, according to his YouTube headline: "MUST SEE Missile attack in the US @ WACO fertilizer plant explosion".

Luckily, the headline is written, because this guy has got some impenetrable British/Scottish/Whatever accent.

"Ach it's nae weel tae spake o'yadda yadda yadda," he says. Something about a missile, we presume.

3. It was done by an incredibly efficient, if not so smart, U.S. government.
Again, the headline tells it all: "fema type trucks set up in waco day before explosion...just documentation no other conclusions...," writes Notme Smithori, which just might not be his real name.

The chilling video shows FEMA-type trucks parked unmoving at an apartment complex, because if there is one thing we know about the American government, it's that it's willing to kill its citizens and is so efficient that it gets FEMA trucks there -- two, two things we know about the American government is that it's willing to kill its citizens and is so efficient that it gets FEMA trucks there the day before.

In case you don't believe Notme Smithori, try StillSpeakingOut, who provides five minutes of video of "ANOTHER inside job??? Black trucks filmed in Waco and FEMA drills two days before the explosions." If you dare.

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If you are going to use and edit my picture in your blog, you could at least reference my blog. I think you should focus on why the video's have been altered. Why has the ATF prevented the CSB from investigating? What time did the first fire start? Many reports quote the mayor as saying 6:30, not 7:30.  Thanks for using the picture you did. It is proof that a missile impacted. You would know this if you would have taken the time with a ballistics expert. The smoke develops fastest to the right because of the missiles momentum and impact angle. The area to the left shows the missiles entry before the explosion erased it. The top of the explosion shows a "V' pattern from the missiles impact and explosion.

Michael Terry
Michael Terry

Watch the videos that break it down with audio comparing it to a jdam.

Taryn Schultz
Taryn Schultz

People have way to much time on there hands and I bet elvis is still alive too lol

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