Willie Nelson's Houston Years -- Struggling to Get By in the Murder Capital of the Nation

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Just a young man looking for some weed.
We usually let our sister blog Rocks Off handle the music business, but in case you don't regularly check them out (for shame!), allow us to point you to a story worth reading.

William Michael Smith takes a long and deep look at Willie Nelson's early years struggling to get by in Houston, in this week's cover story "Mr. Record Man."

"Willie Nelson wasn't always the Red Headed Stranger, king of outlaw country or a multi­platinum-selling national treasure," he writes. "But his short-lived tenure in Houston in 1959 and into 1960, which lasted maybe 18 months, was one of the most important developmental milestones in what would become an enormous career."

Willie's 80 now, and has far fewer tomorrows than yesterdays, so it's a good idea to appreciate him while he's here.

And for a while long, long ago, "here" was Houston, Texas.

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