Top Five Things to Do in Houston Sports This Weekend: Depressed Aeros Edition

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Oh, Chilly. What will I do without you?
Well, it's official. The Houston Aeros are moving to...Iowa. I've been to Des Moines. It's a nice town. But losing our only tie to professional hockey pretty much sucks. I'm depressed. But I have to suck it up because there is lots more to do and I can't get bogged down in something like this. I mean, I survived the Oilers packing up and moving to Tennessee, so I guess I can handle a team I only saw twice moving to the Midwest. Sigh.

Just as Clark Griswold took about ten seconds to admire the Grand Canyon, we took about ten seconds to mourn the Aeros, and now life must continue. My heart will go on, damnit! Ahem.

So here's what you can do in sports this weekend to take your mind off know.

5. Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
Sunday, 8:30 p.m.

Comcast SportsNet Houston/TNT

Playoff action is back, baby (can I call you baby?). Now, the Rockets won't be at home to start the playoffs, but TV is close enough unless you want to fly to OKC. The chances the 8th-seed Rockets will upset the defending Western Conference champions are the slimmest of slim, but seeing James Harden take his current team to the postseason against his former team is drama enough. Plus, there's that whole experience thing that will be good for young 'uns on the roster.

4. Houston Roller Derby
Saturday, 6 p.m.

Bayou Music Center
520 Texas

The badasses are back for round number two of the derby season. First up are the Psych Ward Sirens versus the Bayou City Bosses, followed by the Brawlers against the Valkyries. Honestly, it's one of the most entertaining sporting events in town and nothing says fun like ladies skating and kicking ass.

Location Info


Minute Maid Park

501 Crawford, Houston, TX

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