The 7 Most Idiotic Things to Tweet If You're Allegedly a Criminal

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The failure is strong in this one.
Joshua Gammage is in jail on a charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, but the only reason he isn't facing more charges is because there's not a law (yet) against idiotic tweeting.

Court documents show Gammage is accused of robbing a guy in an apartment near UH on April 13 using a semi-automatic pistol. The victim had some amount of weed in a small safe in his room, but Gammage didn't rob it.

The court documents also show the investigation was helped by various tweets Gammage had made, apparently in an attempt to demonstrate his idiocy.

The intrepid Kristi Nix of the is following the case of Gammage, 19, and while she hasn't written a story yet (we'll update when she does), she has been tweeting some of the stuff Gammage had posted before it was taken down.

Court documents indicate the tweets might be used as evidence if the case goes to trial.

Those tweets, and ones we saw on Gammage's Twitter page, include these seven masterpieces:

Thumbnail image for gamUSEmagecantsmoke1.jpg
7. Strategic thinking!

Thumbnail image for gamUSEmageheat2.jpg
6. Play-by-play of a robbery

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Ruth Gutierrez
Ruth Gutierrez

teens nowadays are idiots posting all the (illegal) dumb shit they do , thinking they're cool, the laws can use all your posts and tweets as evidence when you get arrested dumbasses!!! hahaha

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