Sugar Daddies Are Paying for Lots of Sugar Babies at UH, Company Claims

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Everybody wants one.
A young woman finds an older man on a dating Web site. She's drawn to him. What can it be? His age and experience? His Sean Connery-like looks? The fact that she's got bills to pay at the University of Houston and he has agreed to pay for her education just for the pleasure of her company?

I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking it, too. These two are gonna go get hitched and live in a fairy tale, just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
But the sugar daddy (a.k.a. old guy) isn't a john. The sugar baby (a.k.a. young woman) is so not a prostitute. This is just a mutually beneficial dating arrangement.

And it's a handy arrangement for those looking to avoid student loans. According to a release from, 67 percent of graduating college sugar babies -- yes, it seems there is a statistic for college sugar babies vs. the ones who aren't in school -- graduated debt-free last year. Ranking the schools they graduated from, University of Houston came in at Number 7. That's something to be proud of. I guess.

We tried to ask a couple of follow-up questions along the lines of, oh, "a) How in the hell do you come up with a statistic like that, and b) do you expect us to actually believe it?" but alas, they did not return our call.

The Sugar Daddy concept has been around for eons, but was created back in 2006 by a guy named Brandon Wade. There was a Wall Street Journal Q&A with Wade, CEO of the company, in 2011. Wade told the WSJ he started the Web site out of frustration because here he was, a guy making six figures with degrees from MIT, and the women of the online dating world were ignoring him. His mom always told him that if he got real educated and made a lot of money, women would be lining up around the block. And they weren't!

For some people, this might have been the time for a little introspective thinking. What am I doing wrong here? Am I coming off as someone not to date via e-mail? Do I smell? Am I a guy who really thinks that the only way to get a woman is to show her all my shiny toys and say, with jazz hands, in an extremely creepy voice, "This could belong to you."

Well, Wade was striking out on the dating field, so, being a clever guy (did he mention he went to MIT?), he just started looking for young women to help out financially and mentor while they dated, according to the WSJ. Then he took that whole concept and went live with it in 2006.

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The real reason not to do this, ladies, is when you look in your mirror, you will see a whore. Any questions?


@andy434  How are these girls different from the ones who set their cap for a rich husband or boyfriend? If you have sex once with a guy for $300, you may be a prostitute, if you have sex with him for a considerable period of time while he pays your bills, it's a different situation.

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