Surprise Storm Pummels Houston with Street Floods, Hail; Twitter's Best Rain Photos

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Photo by @EarlMitchell92
Even the Texans got into the act. "This hail storm is ridiculous!! be safe out there people," Earl Mitchell tweeted.
A strong storm pounded through Houston with little warning today, leaving travelers stranded in high water in plenty of places.

Twitter came alive with weather pictures, including these....

Photo by @Ayyy_Almuaala
"Guys um.....HOUSTON IS FLOODING," she wrote/

Photot by @PCreighton1
From Reliant Stadium press box: "Rain and hail flooding Houston right now."

From the Chron's Eric Berger: "Photo of hail from Willowbend, in west Houston, this evening. Wow!"

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Rebecca Ellen
Rebecca Ellen

I slept through all of that. Nice to see the pictures.

Michelle Templeton Villarreal
Michelle Templeton Villarreal

it happens like that in Houston one day its 32 degrees then 100+ hail storm and flooded....all in one day smh

Jerid Sanford
Jerid Sanford

yeah i seen it on the weather channel!! Y'all got wet!!!

Ralph Vasquez
Ralph Vasquez

I was off of Washington pretty much the entire day, where the heck did this all happen?

Rob J Corallo
Rob J Corallo

Yeah wait till some real rain comes for a couple of days and see what happens to the city it's over built

Sarah Hailes
Sarah Hailes

Brent looked it up last night but he didn't think it was by you!

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