Grace Kelly, Super Guppies & Men Who Shouldn't Wear Cowboy Hats: Great Old Photos of NASA's 50 Years in Houston

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7. The rejected slapstick scene from Apollo 13
A lot of people know Tom Hanks came down to the center to, among other things, shoot weightless scenes for Apollo 13. What they don't know is that the studio believed "the second half was getting a little boggy," so they proposed a wacky scene where Jim Lovell gets his foot stuck in a garbage can. Funnnnnyyyy Laaaayyyyy-deeee!!

6. "Sir, we appear to have lost half our plane."
"Yes, the...ummmm.....front half, sir."
Etc., etc. It's a Bob Newhart bit come to life. Or, on the other hand, it's a Super Guppy flying over Johnson Space Center. The Super Guppy, which made transporting huge parts easy for NASA, is not to be confused with the Pregnant Guppy, another NASA plane, albeit one that hung out with a faster crowd.

5. "This meeting of the Men Uncomfortably Wearing Cowboy Hats will now begin...."
Note Gus Grissom, in the middle, already settling on a piece of tail for the evening's festivities.

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Johnson Space Center

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