Grace Kelly, Super Guppies & Men Who Shouldn't Wear Cowboy Hats: Great Old Photos of NASA's 50 Years in Houston

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Hey, who's the beatnik on the left with the fancy (i.e., non-brown) footwear?
Arcadia Publishing is a company specializing in affordable picture-filled books on local history across the country.

They've done books on such Houston institutions as the downtown Foley's, and now they've tackled the institution-alest Houston institution of all, NASA.

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Johnson Space Center: The First 50 Years is the name, edited by Laura Bruns and Mike Litchfield. It's loaded with photographic goodness; they've let us sample a couple of examples.

Photos by NASA
10. "I'd like to rent a house with a living room seating 450 people, please."
New NASA employees transferred from Virginia needed housing, fast. And, by the looks of that top picture under "Houses for Rent," it was de rigueur to have an Astrodome-sized living room. The better to twist again like you did last summer, we suppose.


9. "And we'll have these, sir, in the gift shop right as visitors are ending their tour."
John Kennedy doesn't look too sure just what to do with this detail-free model, while NASA director Bob Gilruth seems most impressed with the thing's base. Lyndon Johnson, the man who the whole damn thing would be named after, stands humbly engulfed by shadow, far out of JFK's light. And "humbly" was not a thing LBJ did well: You can almost see the frustration coming out of him, stuck back there with the goddamn second-rank.

8. The Shag-Rug Testing Chamber
Not really -- the SRTC was far too smooth to have tile in it. (Also, it didn't exist.) What you're looking at is an anechoic chamber where a shuttle model, scaled 1/10, was used to conduct tests. If you stare at it long enough, it looks like a rejected set for 2001: A Space Odyssey. Or the downtown tunnel system, if you've taken acid.

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Johnson Space Center

1601 Nasa Parkway, Houston, TX

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