Odd Twist in Smear Campaign Against UH-D Student Targeted for "Homosexual Agenda"

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The original flyer told voters that they should vote for Sharp if they "WANT AIDS."
It seems the smear campaign against Kristopher Sharp, the potential candidate for University of Houston-Downtown student body president, hasn't yet slowed. One week after flyers touting Sharp's "homosexual agenda" were plastered across campus, someone is posting as the junior in an attempt to gather a rally on April 3 -- a rally that the real Sharp says isn't planned and doesn't exist.

Hair Balls received an e-mail late last week from someone purporting to be Sharp, using the junior's real e-mail and cell phone information in the signature. The e-mail is brief, but doesn't jibe whatsoever with the conciliatory tone Sharp took when speaking last week with Hair Balls:

I wanted to let you know that GLBT students on the campus of UHD plan on having a peaceful demonstration this coming Wednesday April 3rd at 1:30 in 990-S on the 9th floor to FORCE the university to address the ATTACKS levied on GLBT students on the campus oh [sic] UHD.

Feel free to share or attend.

Due to the anonymous nature of Hair Balls' comment system, we are unable to track the original sender. When following up on the original e-mail, Sharp denied it was from him. "Not from me," the real Sharp responded. "I'm not informed of a protest happening on campus. Creepy how they have all my information."

As Sharp mentioned last week, he's not seeking any financial or material restitution from the perpetrator, whom he believes he knows. He likewise wants to refrain from publicly shaming the individual(s) in question, noting that he's not seeking to impose any of the ostracization he once felt as a gay, HIV-positive man. He merely wants an apology and his medical information, which was pasted on the reverse sides of the fliers, back.

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Sounds like UH-D needs to investigate this violation of HIPPA, which is a federal offence. Even if  Sharp may not want his harasser exposed, the school has a duty to protect breeches of medical confidentiality. Otherwise, it risks sending a message that such breeches are tolerable. This make strike financial donors to the school as unacceptable.

Hanabi-chan topcommenter

I appreciate Mr. Sharp's not wanting to shame or out the perpetrator that is causing him this grief. However, this individual needs to held to account for what he/she did. Starting with being kicked out of the university. I personally think the personal responsible for violating Mr. Sharp's privacy should be named publicly. If this individual is acting like this now, who knows what he/she may do in the future. I am sure a lot of future employers would think twice about hiring someone who clearly does not understand how to behave around people who are different from them, not to mention someone who cannot respect another's privacy. What's to stop them from leaking company secrets if he/she feels aggreived by their boss?Good on Mr. Sharp for showing compassion and decency, but I hope the UH's powers that be don't follow his example.

Kylejack topcommenter

Online Impersonation is a third degree felony in Texas since 2009. Someone just fucked up big.


@Kylejack revealing the results of an HIV test is a Class A misdemeanor, per offense, with a civil liability of up to $5,000 per offense. With about 14,000 students at UHD that's a potential civil liability of $70,000,000.

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