Kate Upton, Boobs and Softball: ESPN 97.5 Hosts Stay Classy in Interview with Lamar Coach

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I really don't like "guy talk." I'm sure there is a place for it on radio. Hell, there's a place for shows about pretty much anything you like when you combine terrestrial and satellite radio. But, what makes "guy talk" so insidious is that it masquerades as sports talk simply because, well clearly all dudes who like to listen to people talk about sports also want to hear them talk about chicks and movies and goddamn chicken wings. This is America, son!

Enter ESPN 97.5 KNFC, home of the lunch show the Rush featuring program director Dave Tepper and Houston Chronicle columnist Jerome Solomon. On Thursday, they spent some time in Beaumont talking to coaches from teams at Lamar University. One of the coaches was Holly Bruder, who is presiding over the inaugural season of women's softball at Lamar. Unlike the male coaches, Tepper and Solomon had a whole different set of questions for Bruder.

The Beaumont Enterprise posted audio from the show and examples in a recent story.

Tepper: "Do you have any Jennie Finch-looking girls on your softball team that I can come and watch?"

Tepper: "In a way, for a guy that likes some of these thick softball chicks, maybe you bring some more guys to the ballpark if they wore a little less out there on the diamond."

Tepper: "If you're recruiting Kate Upton, I'd like to see what position she would (play)."

Solomon: "Has a woman ever asked you to sign her breasts when you do autographs?"

Tepper: "Is it a benefit for a softball player to have a full chest like her or is it better to not?"

HA HA! Get it? She's a lady, so they asked her about boobs and hot chicks! CLASSIC!

They even brought up the recent stir over the blog post on 610 AM's website heard round the world where Anna-Megan Raley under pen name Claire Crawford asked the question we've all been dying to ask: is this hot cheerleader for the Thunder too damn fat for cheerleading?

To that Bruder actually said she might be too fat, but that she looked like she would make a good softball player. Way to bring it, coach?

Bruder was mostly a good sport and tried to play along. Solomon, for his part, was apologetic at the end and, in truth, wasn't the primary instigator. That was Tepper. But whoever decided in pre-show, "Hey, let's talk about boobs and stuff with this legitimate collegiate coach because it'll be SO funny," was wrong on two accounts.

First, it is asinine to treat a college coach in that manner. You wouldn't ask a male coach about his players' junk or if they had any hot guys on their team this year, so asking it of a female coach is not only insulting, but stupid. Secondly, and more to the point, it wasn't funny. It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry complains to a priest that he believes dentist Kenneth Tim Whatley converted to Judaism for the jokes. When asked if this offended him as a Jew, Jerry responded, "No, it offends me as a comedian."

Just because you and your buddies think it is HILARIOUS to talk about Kate Upton's tits and softball players wearing skimpy outfits to sell tickets with a female softball coach doesn't mean it is. I'll help you out: it's not, unless you are both prepubescent teens and, even then, it's best suited for school hallway snickering, not sports radio.

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Jerome Solomon asked "Solomon: "Has a woman ever asked you to sign her breasts when you do autographs?" to the male baseball coach. When it's placed where it is in the story it is taken out of context. But I agree with your point though. 


Sports radio in Houston has taken a turn for the last few years. Cases in point:

1) inexplicable endurance of the one who should not be named, who hosts with Rich Lord on 610.

2) simultaneous destruction of 790's The Big Show and The Drive Home with Charlie Pulillo's show in one move – that being Lance Z moved to co-host with Charlie.

3) continuing stream of 25-year-old Syracuse or UT grads – who no nothing of sports history or popular culture – with major market shows (e.g. Mike Meltzer)

4) guy / geek talk to the extreme with the likes of Adam Wexler and Matt Jackson

5) inexplicable endurance of Matt Jackson

6) Fouer and that other gambling addict Austin a-hole on ESPN


It's Tim Whatley...maybe Kenneth was his son. Or you're just thinking of Kenny Bania...The BEST JERRY


The blog post about the OKC cheerleader was on 610, not 1560


Now we can't be the pigs we were brought up to be AND we're not allowed to say retarded any more (even when commenting on hyper-indignant and pandering Housto Press articles)

Are you sure this is America, son?

I don't listen to AM radio generally, because it isn't offensive enough for me. I get my prepubescent daily dose of radio from magic satellite ray beams from space. The stuff that comes from outer space is almost always better.


All have some truth in them as far a I am concerned....

Number 1 is the real deal. How the OWSNBN is still in the business is beyond me. I'd rather listen to the new Astros radio team on a continuous one-inning loop than that guy.

jeffbalke topcommenter

@Omar9 Thanks. My mistake. It has been corrected.

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