Comedy Is NOT Pretty: Dismissed from 1560, Comic John Wessling's Heart Still Belongs to Radio

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Wessling will continue to look for work in sports radio, but despite the abundance of sports stations, there are not many jobs to go around. He considered attempting a comeback at 610, but says, "They are like Walmart: they have a very strict no-returns policy."

In the meantime, he continues writing and doing comedy, but to keep up his radio chops, he produces the podcast Ripped Foul. He started it while still on the air as a means of honing his craft, but the now regular, uncensored show gives him a chance to continue to do what he loves. He says the response has been "surprisingly positive" and he attributes that to the fact his show is akin to a regular conversation between fans.

"[The] uncensored sports comedy perspective is a lot more congruent to how sports fans communicate with one another than the weird, inorganic guys in suits at a sports desk," he said. "Why are they wearing suits? Are they going to court? Did they just get done selling insurance all day?"

Ripped Foul is about as unlike terrestrial sports radio as it gets. While he does feature guests like former 1560 program director Chance McClain and even our own Craig Hlavaty (talking about the Astrodome), and he does talk a lot about sports mixed with pop culture, it is mostly Wessling in a very loose format cursing a lot. It is jarring and often extremely funny.

As Wessling explains, the audience may be significantly smaller, but technology is changing the way people listen and that is opening up new opportunities that didn't exist before. "The delivery methods of getting to the consumer are changing by the day," he said. "The hard part is creating the content."

Still, there is no question Wessling would jump at another chance to be on a station where the FCC limits your ability to drop F-Bombs and sponsors, bean counters and "radio experts" constrict your creativity. There is something about the medium that he, like so many others in his field, find irresistible. "I'll always be, in my heart whether I have a job or not, a radio guy."

You can download Ripped Foul via iTunes and give a listen to his other podcast he does with comedy partners the Whiskey Brothers.

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As slogans, I suggest "When you've slapped some stanky on your hangdown but it'ts not time for your tuesday shower yet" or "get rid of that ass-and-catfood smell".

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

I became a big fan of his the time he was on the air.  Hopefully the AD's will get their acts together and start hiring talent, rather than hiring someone who wants to be the next Skip Bayless. 

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