(UPDATED With A Talk With The Owner) Houston Studios & Warehouse District: Big, Modern Development Coming?

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Illustrations from Houston Studios of Texas
Home for future ICBYs, TGIFridays and a SportsClips?
The Warehouse District is one of Houston's funkiest areas, as artists through the years have used the spaces north of downtown for every kind of art from plays to movies to painting to whatever.

Now, if some web action is to be believed, the nature of the place may be changing.

Houston Studios, where movies like Jason's Lyric have been filmed and where Beyonce and ZZ Top have shot videos and rehearsed, has a somewhat odd new webpage up that shows a multi-use nightclub/commercial district going up in the area.

The "Houston Studios Building," says the site, is looking to lease "to Tenants who wish to lease the 3-Story Building for a Commercial use: ie: Office Space, Galleries, Restaurants, Bistros, Shops or a Manufacturing or Industrial use. Residential uses are not being considered at this time." (We can't match the various colors used in the copy, alas.)

What else can go there? Glad you asked:

Perfectly suited as office space for Architecural Firms, Advertising Agencies, High-Technology start-ups, a Downtown Medical Center, or support facilities for the Ballet, Opera or Alley Theater. It would also work great as a Fashion and Design Center with showrooms, offices and common-use areas for productions and displays. Lastly, any of these uses could be complimented by using the basement as a Jazz Club/Bistro at night and sharing the available parking.

ALTERNATIVELY, it would make an ideal indigenous* downtown Entertainment Center using the soundstage as a Performance Venue/Nightclub and the rest of the building for Shops, Bistros and Bars to support THE MAIN DRAW.

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Wasn't Downtown Grounds part of that way back in the day? I miss that place.


Another development Houston will regret in 10 years.


Cleveland is cool! It's now a definite stop on our way to NY if we drive! The historic area within walking distance of downtown is full of great bars, restaurants and B&Bs to stay in on our trip.... Houston needs more of that, not new development that doesn't last long!


Can't anything in Houston remain gritty and untouched and cool?   Why must everything become pussified?

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