A Sick, Twisted Tale: A Dog-Napped Yorkie Named Gizmo and an (Allegedly) Wicked Stepmother -- Disney, Eat Your Heart Out.

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Photo Courtesy Amy Gilmartin
Sara Ince & Gizmo -- reunited and it feels so good....
It was the note seen 'round the world -- er, well, at least 'round Texas, anyway: The owners of a Yorkie named Gizmo, who had been missing for two weeks, received a note purporting to be from a woman who said she had found the dog (sans tag) at a gas station and decided to give him to her 14-year-old niece. The woman, who identified herself only as "Sherry," said she had seen Gizmo's missing posters all over the place, which is how she knew how to find the owners -- Dennis Ince, of Spring, and his daughter Sara, who lives in Montrose.

Folks in the animal rescue community were outraged: who, aside from Cruella De Vil herself, could be so heartless? How could a woman just decide to keep a dog she knows belongs to someone else, just because the dog happened to wander off, as dogs often do? See, the dog had escaped while Dennis Ince was out of town, and his new wife had let him out, and when she went to bring him back in, he had vanished.

Well, as it turns out, the only wicked witch in this story -- according to Sara Ince and her sister Amy Gilmartin -- is their stepmother of six months, who they say made up the whole story about Gizmo running off, because she never liked the dog in the first place.

Let's back up, shall we? Gilmartin and her sister say their father was devastated to learn that his beloved Gizmo -- who had previously lived with Sara Ince -- had ran off. The pain was compounded when his sister died the next day after a battle with cancer.

For two weeks, the family pasted flyers and posted ads online. Then, suddenly, a note turned up: "Hello, I just returned from out of town to see your sign in your front yard," it read. "I found your dog at the Chevron two weeks ago. The dog didn't have any tags, just a blue collar and bandana -- so I thought it had been abandoned."

The note went on to explain that "Sherry" gave the dog to her niece, and that "He is doing wonderful!"

After the Inces posted the note online over the weekend, Gilmartin received an unusual call.

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