Five Reasons I'll Miss the Aeros That Have Little to Do with Hockey

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I will miss this guy.
As our own John Royal reported Wednesday, it appears the Aeros' run as the only hockey in Houston has come to an end. I have been to fewer than five Aeros games. I'm not really a hockey fan. Still, I hate to see any team leave the city, particularly when it is one that represents a sport that will no longer be represented when the team goes.

The truth is, I will miss them for other reasons and they are good reasons. No, seriously, they are. Check them out.

5. Chilly

After writing a feature story on Clutch of the Rockets, I gained a whole new admiration for the life of a mascot. That goes double for one who works for a minor league team. The pay must suck and the work is grueling. Plus, not the same kind of glory you get in front of 20,000 fans or more. But the main reason I'll miss him is that he was damn funny. I was at a game once when someone I knew fell asleep in his seat during the pregame warmups. Chilly stood behind him with his mouth right over his head until he woke up freaked out. It was priceless.

4. How the fans hate the Rockets (Les Alexander, specifically).

It's funny that the greatest hatred of any fans in the city of Houston comes not from fans of a local team for a team in another city, but from fans of a local team for another local franchise. Ever since the Rockets gained controlling interest in the Toyota Center -- Alexander was actually leasing from Chuck Watson (he owned the Aeros at the time) when they were both at the Compaq Center -- Aeros fans have been pissed at what they believe is shoddy treatment by the Rockets organization. No doubt that hate will only grow deeper now, but without a gathering place to unleash their collective anger, we won't see it.


Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned hockey fight. When one dude grabs another by the back of his jersey and rips it off over his head while pounding him in the face? Priceless. Now, to see fights like that, we'll be forced to hang out in rough parts of town or in warehouses during bloodsport tournaments. Boo!

2. Live music at games

Over the years, the Aeros had local bands play during timeouts and at halftime. I had that opportunity myself and it was a blast. In fact, the Aeros definitely knew how to keep fans entertained with things on and off the ice. I'll be sorry to see that go.

1. The fans

Very few groups of fans are as loyal and rowdy as the Aeros' supporters. Perhaps the Dynamo are coming close, and certainly the Comets' fans were insane, but there is something about a bunch of people banded together around a minor league hockey team that says "true fan" to me. I hope hockey makes it back to Houston so they'll be able to get out there and act like maniacs again.

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Dynamo will always be number one in my heart, but the Houston Aeros held second for so long it's not even funny. There's a huge overlap between Dynamo and Aeros fans, and it breaks my heart to see the Aeros leave. 


I actually feel like Dynamo fans edge out Aeros fans, but BARELY. Just by a hair. but to me they are the same. rooting for teams that the rest of Houston sadly don't know about. not to mention they are more successful than the other "Big 3" Aeros will definitely be missed. sad that I wont be at the game tonight. 


@skeelon i totally agree. its quite sad that all these die-hard sports fanatics in houston hate soccer and hockey and these two sports have so much more going on every season. I was at the Galaxy/Dynamo game in LA for the Cup. Dynamo had that game won. they let it go. But they never gave up and they consistently are in the playoffs just like the aeros. The Texans win one division championship and suddenly everyone is a fan. then two and wow these fans claim super bowl....alas they fall short....rockets have championships but ages ago. astros cant even have a decent team. whats funny is that houston pro team owners dont really put out the cash for the big players. rockets had the chance for some big players but NONE of them wanted to come to houston because they knew houston's history with the rockets is old. the rockets are nothign like the Olajuwon era. 

but yeah it makes me laugh that these die-hards hate the two most under-rated teams in the city. aeros may have always been minor league but if you look at the players almost all of the starters have been up to play in the NHL and have made a name for themselves. That pro experience has helped them coming back to Houston for Calder Cup runs. 


@brutus1224 I like the way you think, you're alright. haha. I agree with the Texans thing completely. I never understood why everyone was claiming SuperBowl last year when we went undefeated for 6 games. I guess they forgot you have to play 16 regular season games and then playoffs to win a SB. don't get me wrong, I was happy but anytime someone mentioned winning the Superbowl I had to give them a reality check. I guess im more of a realist when it comes to my sports teams. Thats why I was so sure that we would win the MLS Cup last year, but then Calen Carr tore his ACL in the game and it seemed like that messed the guys up mentally.

whats really sad is that neither the Dynamo or the Aeros got any kind of local coverage (as far as in the local news. Dynamo have had tv deals for a few years now) the only time ive heard anything Aeros related was recently when they announced they were moving. but they'll spend a whole show on the Texans draft or Astros spring training? thats lame.

Give it time, soccer will grow even more in the coming years as we become even more successful and eventually Aeros hockey will  be back in Houston, and then we can see more championships come to Houston!! lol 


@skeelon @brutus1224 its all good. Les can take away hockey from my visits to Houston but he wont ever get the LA Kings Stanley Cup ring off my finger!!! =P

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