The Great CSN Houston Tax Scam

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Give me all of your money, or shut up.
And since Les Alexander has decided it's way more profitable to use Toyota Center for just the Rockets and the occasional concert, perhaps he should be forced to open up his basketball court for constant use. And since the Rockets don't use the place from June through October, maybe Toyota Center can be used as a place for the homeless to duck inside and get a little air conditioning during the hottest months of the year.

Don't forget about Reliant Stadium. That new gigantic scoreboard that Reliant Stadium's getting? If Bob McNair and the Rodeo really want it, let them pay for it; they have more than enough cash. The taxpayer money being used for that boondoggle can instead be used for something that fans will really enjoy: massive improvements to the roads around the stadium.

The mayor doesn't have the guts to even suggest any of that. But instead of doing their bidding with CSN Houston, she really should be doing something to remind them of just how much money they've bilked from the taxpayers.

Jim Crane's made it clear that he'll only pay attention to people who give him $10 million checks. And use of Toyota Center shouldn't revolve around Les Alexander getting revenge for the way he was treated at The Summit.

Taxpayers shouldn't have to take out bank loans to attend events in buildings they helped to build. They shouldn't be forced to sign up for service from the world's worst cable provider to watch a station they're subsidizing.

Maybe there should be some kind of way for the city to take over running all of the city's sports facilities -- leave the Dynamo alone for now since they didn't really run the same scam as the others. Just think of what the city can do with the cash it would rake in from the Astros, Rockets, Texans and the Rodeo. Just think of the infrastructure repairs or the reinvigorated libraries or the new and improved parks.

It's a pipe dream. It's never going to happen. But if the owners are going to scam and con money out of taxpayers, shouldn't they suffer in some fashion when they deliberately set out to deprive those taxpayers of access to the teams and facilities?

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whats really going on here is that Les Alexander and Jim Crane or whatever his name is have this idea that Houston is a major market. Its not! Period! Houston will NEVER bring in what LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami...etc does in concert events. Houston may be one of the biggest cities in America and Texas but their concert market is crap. How many big name artists perform two or even three shows at Toyota Center? im sure probably none. Maybe a few here and there at the Woodlands but you are not going to see that in Houston. There just isnt that kind of money in Houston when it comes to concerts. Thats why LA, CHI, NYC and others get those multiple shows. Les has successfully aided in getting rid of hockey in Houston and his arena no longer hosts the circus or whatever so who does he plan to book? Katy Perry for 2 shows? Rihanna? One Direction? Foo Fighters? Not going to happen. 

i would never switch to Comcast just to watch the Rockets or the Astros. Glad I live in Los Angeles. i'd rather put on FSW and watch the ROckets lose to the Clippers and the Texans cry me a river because they cant make it. As for that big scoreboard.......sorry Texans owner but that wont put you in contention with Jerry Jones. Dallas is hated in Houston but that team has some real history in their city and they built that big scoreboard first. Its apparent that their only reason to get that scoreboard is to out do Dallas and try to get another super bowl. Seriously Houston if you want bigger sporting events do something about the traffic first!!!!! there are roads in Houston still under construction since I was in high school and im 37 now. Houston you will never be a huge sports or concert market.......


Why is everyone jumping on CSN and the other carriers? Why get angry with the Sports Authority or the Mayor? You want to know where the buck stops and who has the final say in this matter? You want to know who could end the blackout tomorrow? The owners, Jim Crane and Les Alexander. The Astros and the Rockets are their teams. If they wanted to make it happen, they could do it with a word. I hold Crane and Alexander solely responsible for the fact that I cannot watch the Astros or Rockets on television


SportsCorp: See, your city/county coughs up the start up costs and continuing maintenance and I keep all the profits.

Harris Sports Authority: Yeah, that sounds good. Say, I got a kid/brother/sister/girlfriend/wife who needs a job/contract/hookup, can you help?

SportsCorp: Why not? Your rubes--I mean taxpayers--are footing the bill anyway.

HSA: Well, it's not like we're elected or anything. That's the Commissioner's Court and by Bob Echols' ghost, they can do--or not do--any dang thang they want.

Yep, LA "losing" out to Houston on that NFL team doesn't seem like such a win for us right now.

Sandra Puente
Sandra Puente

Google Chrome won't let me open because there is malware embedded in your blogs.


That should be "Bob Eckles."

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