Jim Crane? The Astros Need a Bill Veeck

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Well, maybe not all of Veeck's ideas
It's a depressing time to be a fan of the Houston Astros. The team's bad. The starting pitchers have trouble getting through the first inning. The games aren't currently available to most of the viewing public (yesterday's free CSN Houston offering notwithstanding). The new radio team actually makes listeners miss Milo Hamilton.

But it would be possible to deal with all of that, probably, if it felt as if the Astros actually cared about the fans. Not the players, not the coaches or front office, but the owner and the business folks. There's the brand-new expanded dynamic pricing, which, for some games, is actually more premium pricing than it is dynamic pricing. There's owner Jim Crane telling fans to shut up about the team unless they have a $10 million check to give him.

The thing about the Crane ownership is that one just kind of gets the feeling that Crane couldn't care less if fans attend the games. It seems to be more about showing off his toy for his friends and using his toy to curry political favors with those who, while not better than him, might have a bit more power than him, e.g., playing golf with the President.

Then there's the comparison to owners past, past Astros owners and past MLB owners. For instance, there's former MLB owner Bill Veeck. Veeck's primarily remembered now for some of his wacky stunts, such as sending a midget to bat during a game, the exploding scoreboard after home runs, players wearing shorts, and for allowing his son to stage the infamous Disco Demolition Night.

Veeck owned three major league teams, the Cleveland Indians, the St. Louis Browns (right before they became the Baltimore Orioles) and twice the Chicago White Sox. For all the perceived wackiness of his stunts, he was a strong baseball mind who built numerous teams on a shoestring budget and saw two of them make the World Series, the 1948 Indians and the 1959 White Sox. But reading about Veeck, reading things said by Veeck, one is really stricken by one thing: Veeck loved baseball, and he loved baseball fans perhaps more than any owner before or since.

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Don't we already send a midget to the plate?


"But we brought back those old uniforms everyone loves!" 

MadMac topcommenter

Thanks on the tip-side, Mr. R. I look forward to reading the book. That's more than I can say for watching the 'Stros. At least Ford Financial understood the idea is to field a sports team for play where Mr. Crane seems determined to make profitability solely on the ancillaries. Sad.  


@MadMac I haven't seen anything lately to sway me from my long held belief that Ford Financial was actually the best owner the Astros ever had.  "We don't know squat about baseball (at least in public - I'll bet there were actually some mid level people that were having the time of their lives).  We need to make this turkey we got hung around our neck via foreclosure have some value.  How do we do that?  We hire the best people we can and get the hell out of the way."  And thus came the first playoff season.

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