Astros Outfielder Rick Ankiel Gets a Popcorn Shower (w/ Hilarious Baseball Fan Vids)

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When it comes to your Astros, it's hard to find wide sweeping bliss in a team that's 5-13 with a total payroll of $20 million (not sure if you've heard, but that's $8 million less than Alex Rodriguez makes...BWAHAHA!! Hilarious...).

If the early part of the 2013 season is any indicator, it's very clear that the joy in the "Astros Experience" is going to be in the little things -- penny wagering on the Taco Bell packet races, beer, clowning the victims of Kiss Cam, beer, laughs with good friends.

Also, beer.

To that end, every now and then, the baseball gods shower us with some comedic benevolence.

In this case, on Sunday, it was the baseball gods literally showering outfielder Rick Ankiel with popcorn.

Leading the Astros 3-2 on Sunday afternoon, Cleveland Indians outfielder Drew Stubbs hit a line drive to straightaway right field. Astros outfielder Rick Ankiel seemingly had it in his sights, back to the warning track, back to the wall, and then out of nowhere he was snowed under by a salty sea of buttery yellow:

See, now that's hilarious! That's entertaining! Granted, the attempt to catch the home run ball in a bucket of popcorn was not only ill-conceived but not at all manly. Hell, even Steve Bartman tried to catch it with his bare hands back in the 2003 playoffs!

And Popcorn Bucket Catch Guy is not even in the same manliness universe as this Mariners fan who managed to catch a foul ball in his beer (coincidentally, like the Ankiel Popcorn Shower, also against the Astros) and then actually consume the beer with the ball still in the cup!

Woooo, man's game! (That's what the cool talk show hosts say...)

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