Report: Aeros To Des Moines; Their Weird Toyota Center Fight Now Includes Talk Of Missing Office Equipment, Bad Ice & Iffy Wi-Fi

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John Royal
The Aeros celebrate the fans after winning the AHL's Western Conference Championship two years ago
I wrote last week that the Houston Aeros might possibly be in the midst of their last-ever regular season homestand. The team's lease with Toyota Center expires at the end of this season, and negotiations though supposedly on-going throughout the season, have not been fruitful.

Michael Russo, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's beat writer for the Minnesota Wild, blogged yesterday that the Aeros and Toyota Center have not been able to come to the terms. The result of this being that the Aeros are bound for Des Moines, Iowa following the season.

"Expect an announcement in the next couple of weeks that the Wild's long relationship with the Houston Aeros is ending," wrote Russo, who's covered the NHL for 18 years. "The Wild has not been able to come to terms on a new lease at the Toyota Center."

The statement is somewhat misleading in that it's difficult for the Wild to sever a relationship with an entity that it owns. But what isn't misleading is the point he makes when he says the Wild will relocate its American Hockey League affiliate to Des Moines. That affiliate being the Houston Aeros franchise, which the Wild have owned for most of the past decade.

If the story is true, and there's no reason to doubt the truthfulness of this story, the news comes at what could be the worst possible time for the Aeros. There are six games remaining in the regular season and the Aeros are fighting for a playoff berth and for playoff positioning. There are only three regular season home games remaining, and the players would probably prefer playing before a packed house of loud, exciting fans, which they might not be getting.

There is a possibility that this is all a ploy of some kind on part of the Wild to keep the team in Houston, which they very much want to do. Having a team located in Houston, which has access to one of the largest airline hubs in the U.S. with numerous direct flights to most destinations the Wild play, makes it incredibly easy to call up players when there are injuries to the big club.

But while not disputing the story, there is some thinking going around that the Wild are using Russo to send a message to Toyota Center and the Houston Rockets, who run the arena, saying "put your best offer on the table now." It has been made clear to me in the past that the Wild want to keep the Aeros in Houston -- the team's been here for almost 20 years -- but Toyota Center officials haven't been easy to deal with regarding lease talks.

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If the story is true, and there's no reason to doubt the truthfulness of this story, the news comes at what could be the worst possible time for the Aeros. Thanks for nice share about that! 

John@ Minneapolis web design firm

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Further proof of Les Alexander's insatiable greed.


Hoping against hope...

Having said that, I hope the Aeros make the playoffs.  I can't make it to the games this weekend, and I would like to see them while we still can.

Dan Binder
Dan Binder

Missing office equioment, bad ice 4 iffy wi-fi


It would be nice to get a NHL team, but I guess we'd have to steal one the way Nashville stole the Oilers.


@Grinch I hear the Phoenix Coyotes are up for grab, especially with the Glendale council's "Glendale is not your cash register" motif.

MadMac topcommenter

While Houston is a cash register for ANY fool-millionaire with a sports team. I'm surprised we haven't been hooked for an Aeros arrena. Guess the novelty wore off.

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