The Top 5 Things to Do in Houston Sports This Weekend: Playoff Edition

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Don't get distracted by the fireworks.
It's one of the craziest weekends in Houston sports. Every major and minor league franchise in the city is part of a game or a draft and some of the goings-on are damn important.

This is not the weekend to be a sports amateur. You need to step your game up to a pro level if you intend to compete with the other couch potatoes and face-painted maniacs who call themselves fans. Get it together, Jack, or you're going to miss the top five things to do in Houston sports this weekend, PLAYOFF EDITION!

5. The NFL Draft
Friday-Sunday, All Day
ESPN, NFL Network

The first round of the NFL draft is already over, but there are six more rounds to go. Aren't you thrilled? Let's be honest, the time round two is over, most of the casual fans have been weeded out and all who are left are draft junkies and very lonely people. The NFL draft, however, is unlike any other. Its first-night ratings routinely beat out major sporting events, so tune in and try to guess who will be the 2013 bust.

4. Houston Aeros vs. Grand Rapids Griffins -- First Round of the AHL Playoffs
Friday, 7:05 p.m.; Sunday, 5:05 p.m.
Toyota Center

They won't be the Aeros much longer now that they're moving to Des Moines, but while they're still on the ice in Houston, take advantage. Playoff hockey is exciting even if it is the minor-league variety, and we're winding down to the final moments of action in Houston for who knows how long.

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