Come Celebrate The REAL Kind of Undocumented Aliens in Edinburg's UFO Conference This Weekend

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We'd love to hear this dude tell us about his time on the mothership.
If you're into aliens, and you're not too busy being rectally probed by some little gray dude with huge eyes, you might want to check out the Out of This World! UFO Conference and Festival in Edinburg this weekend.

The extraterrestrial extravaganza will feature bigwigs like Stanton Friedman, who, according to the Web site, "broke the story of the Roswell UFO crash," and keynote speaker Travis Walton, whose alleged alien abduction was dramatized in the movie Fire in the Sky.

The festival coincides with the 60th World Contact Day, a sort of holy day on which believers are called upon to telepathically tell aliens, "We will do all in our power to promote mutual understanding between your people and the people of Earth." (Hair Balls usually ends our telepathic communiqué with a request for hot space-babes.)

The event was organized by researcher Noe Torres, who's been featured on the History Channel's UFO Hunters, and who told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, "Almost everyone I talk to has either seen a UFO themselves or knows someone who has," which really makes us want to have dinner at his place sometime.

One of the more revelatory aspects of the weekend should be a public forum where folks can share their stories of UFO sightings, as well as a costume contest. Finally, a chance to wear our Marvin the Martian brush helmet!

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THIS IS A TRUE STORY!  In 1974, Paradise Valley a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. My sister and I had a UFO Experience.  I was 7 years old and she was 9.

In the fall of 1974 my sister and I were walking to school, it was around 4:00am and completely dark outside. The reason why we were walking to school so early is because in 1974 Paradise Valley was brand new, our new school "Arrowhead" was still being built, so "Indian Bend" had Double Sessions to accommodate all the children. First session was 5am-11am.

We were walking to school and then we saw a huge golden pyramid floating in front of Shadow Mountain about 50 feet above the ground, right where this "water treatment plant" is located. It was massive 300 feet tall and 300 feet wide at least. I don't have any memory of anything after that except a generic memory of going to school that day. I have an implant that is in my hand, a little black spot, under my skin. At the age of 7, that moment changed my life. I have been on a quest ever since to find out what that was. When you see the golden pyramid of The Illuminati, that would be the best way to describe the pyramid we saw. Here is a link to a documentary called "The UFO Experience", there is video of this exact same pyramid in the film.

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