Porn Proves Texas Is Not Southern: We Prefer "Teen," They Prefer "Ebony"

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Is that my granddaughter?
The question of whether Texas is part of the South or the Southwest has long been debated. Now we can answer that question, thanks to porn.

(Is there anything porn can't do?)

PornMD, a porn-searching Web site that apparently tries to wrap itself in the aura of the health industry, has put together rankings of each state's top 10 most commonly searched terms on porn sites over a six-month period. (They also do it for countries.)

The Southern states' leading search term seems to be "ebony" -- it's number one in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. We're not going to speculate why.

Texas, however, eschews the "ebony" category. (To a degree, that is -- it places tenth in the Lone Star state's list.)

Number one in Texas? "Teen."


We assume those teens are barely legal, because porn-lovin' Texans would never, ever break the law to satisfy their raw urges.

After "teen," Texans go to the other end of the age spectrum: "MILF" comes in second. Which means, we guess, that Texans are obsessed with age when it comes to their porn; they just can't make up their minds about what age it should be.

Here's Ye Olde Compleat Porno List for Texans:

1. Teen
3. Creampie
4. College
5. Amateur
6. Massage
7. POV
8. Hentai
9. Anal
10. Ebony

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Javier Gomez
Javier Gomez

Interestingly enough one can say the majority of these viewers are hypocrites, they are the first to publicly voice bold statements against pornography while they secretly masturbate in the comforts of their own homes.

Greg Feczko
Greg Feczko

what the hell are you looking at? Oh.. research.. carry on!

Greg Feczko
Greg Feczko

How does one even get a job like this??? :)

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