Texas A&M Gives Kevin Sumlin a Nice, Big Raise

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Good times for Kevin Sumlin.
So how much are an 11-2 record, a Heisman Trophy, a win over Alabama in Tuscaloosa, a Cotton Bowl rout of Oklahoma and a top ten recruiting class worth?

Well, if Kevin Sumlin's new contract that he inked earlier this week with Texas A&M is any indicator (and really, it's the only indicator), the value of a year like the one Sumlin had in his first season in College Station is an additional million dollars and change in compensation annually, a much bigger bucket of money for assistant coaches and some very healthy, very attainable bonuses.

Indeed, it's good to be Kevin Sumlin right about now. Damn good. How good? Let's look at some of the details of his new deal with the Aggies.

Courtesy of the Dallas Morning News, here is the breakdown of Sumlin's annual base pay and "additional compensation," which for college coaches is fancy lingo for "inflated television, radio, appearance, and apparel money that allows us to keep your base salary from being even more ridiculously skewed from where the rest of the faculty's salaries are":

Beginning April 1, 2013, Sumlin will receive $500,000 annually, plus an annual supplemental payment of $2,600,000. The supplemental amount increases to $2,725,000 on April 1, 2015 and then decreases to $2,350,000 on April 1, 2017.

So, the take home, pre-bonus pay averages right at $3.1 million annually, a sizable bump from the $2 million average of Sumlin's original deal when he signed on with Texas A&M last year. The $3.1 million average puts Sumlin just outside the top ten highest paid coaches in college football (courtesy of mysanantionio.com):

1. Nick Saban, Alabama, $5,476,738. 2. Mack Brown, Texas, $5,353,750.
3. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma, $4,550,000.
4. Urban Meyer, Ohio State, $4,300,000.
5. Les Miles, LSU, $3,856,417.
6. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa, $3,835,000.
7. Charlie Strong, Louisville, $3,700,000.
8. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina, $3,585,000.
9. Gary Patterson, TCU, $3,467,926.
10. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State, $3,275,000.

Considering that a majority (six, to be exact) of these coaches have won national championships, some multiple championships, and all except Strong have been at their schools for at least eight seasons or won big at multiple stops (Meyer, Saban, Spurrier), Sumlin has to be ecstatic about a bump up to $3.1 million after just his first season. If things go as smoothly or better next season and in the future, this will not be the last in-contract raise for Sumlin.

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the contract has spelling errors like this?  " ... to SUMLIN as assitant coaches' ... "


The White Russian is a sinister cocktail. It's just too easy to knock back a half dozen of those things without even thinking about it. Next thing you know, you're on the floor.


@Anse I have no idea how this comment ended up on this story. I swear I was not drinking White Russians when it was posted. 

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