Ted Johnson: Houston Radio Host Schooled After Calling NFL Star Vince Wilfork's Wife Ugly

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If you are going to call the wife of an NFL defensive lineman "ugly," it's perhaps best if you yourself have ten years experience in the league as a linebacker.

Still, what in the hell would you be thinking?

Ted Johnson, who hosts a show part-time on KILT-AM 610 and a Sunday-night nationally syndicated show (who knew?), finds himself in the position of dealing with the fallout of such a brain fart.

A recent 610 caller asked him, "Of all the players he's played with on his team, who has the ugliest spouse?"

Somewhat idiotically, Johnson decided to go ahead and answer the question: "He won't hear this -- Vince Wilfork," he said.

Oh, Vince heard. And tweeted the above message.

Johnson quickly wised up and apologized to his former New England teammate:


Let's say it didn't take.


The tweets have since seemingly vanished from Wilfork's site, with a message remaining that says, "Let me apologize to my fans in advance of whatever I may say today but I do not play when it comes to my family." (There's also an old message wishing everyone a Happy Women's Day.

Johnson, for his part, kept apologizing:

-- "Vince and his family are outstanding people who I have admired since they arrived in NE. I learned a big lesson today and feel terrible."

-- "I have personally apologized to the family and feel awful. It was a huge error in judgment and I'm sorry for upsetting Vince's family."

-- "The last thing I will say about this is that I understand the criticism will own my poor decision."

And here, for what it's worth, is the loving Wilfork couple that was in Johnson's sights:


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I thinks Johnson's comment was disgusting.  When he was arrested here for asaulting his wife I chalked it up to drug abuse but now I see that the guy whose favorite 4 letter word is SEXY (per radio station bio) has real problems with women. I hope CBS radio shows the good sense to fire him.


I think Vince's wife (the attacked wife) is just beautiful. Her husband has honored his wife and family and she is the treasure in his life! What woman could ask for more?

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