Nolan Ryan Ain't Riding in on a White Horse to Save the Astros

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Nolan Ryan isn't coming back to the Astros.
The Nolan Ryan crisis in Arlington is well in its second week. Thus the questions over his future with the Rangers, and his future in general, continue. But while it appears Ryan is losing the battle for power, it's just not known what role he will continue to serve in with the club.

Ryan issued a statement yesterday saying that he plans to continue with the Rangers for the time being. And that he will continue as CEO. But though he is staying with the team, he and his fellow owners are still trying to determine what, exactly, his role with the team will be in the future. It's not likely this statement will put to rest the rumors surrounding Ryan's future. Yet some of the rumors regarding Ryan's future can be easily laid to rest.

In short: Nolan Ryan is not coming back to the Houston Astros. No matter what uninformed writers in Dallas and Houston might think. Such a move makes no sense for the Astros. The Rangers letting such a move happen makes no sense for the Rangers. And such a move makes absolutely zero sense for Nolan Ryan.

There are a few basic, very simple facts that the people arguing the Astros should hire Ryan are forgetting. First and foremost is the fact that Nolan Ryan is one of the Rangers' owners. While Ryan may step away from his management role with the team, he's not stepping away from his role as an owner. A part-owner of one team just can't take up an employment position with another team. MLB wouldn't allow this to happen. And the Rangers wouldn't allow this to happen.

And the one thing that has yet to be mentioned in all of the Ryan-departing-from-the-Rangers stories is Ryan putting his share of the ball club up for sale. It's possible he's doing this, and that could be why he's maintained media silence, that he's trying to work out a deal to sell his shares. But even if Ryan sells his shares in the Rangers, he's not coming to work for the Astros, because it makes no sense.

A quick refresher. This has become a topic because Ryan is losing a power battle with GM Jon Daniels and Ryan's fellow owners. And now many people who should know better are stating that Ryan should come work for the Astros, where it's doubtful he will have any real power to do anything.

Why would Nolan Ryan want to do this?

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