Michael Brown: "I've Become More Acutely Aware of How I Can Be Fleeced by Women." He Really Said That.

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Could this man have violated a court injunction? (Photo not recent)
Things got downright weird during Michael Brown's testimony today, with attorney Robert Hoffman alleging that Brown's new hobby is to take pictures of naked "young women" aboard his yacht, and Brown claiming that hundreds of thousands he spent on gifts for an ex-girlfriend could be construed as business expenses.

He said the money he spent on ex Bridget MacTavish (the woman currently accusing him of giving her anal herpes) was a necessary expense because "that helps me as CEO to have some self-esteem, some health for my mind, my body, my spirit, and to love and be loved, all of which helps me function much better as CEO."

But he also said MacTavish was a scam artist who bilked a fortune from him, saying, "I've become more acutely aware of how I can be fleeced by women."

Hoffman and his mustache were on fire today, citing instance after instance of outrageously expensive corporate credit card expenses Brown lavished on MacTavish -- and himself -- including jewelry, watches and home furnishings, all of which allegedly violate an injunction order.

Hoffman and The 'Stache even asked Brown if he unlawfully used the corporate card to buy expensive Louis Vuitton briefcases to hold the cash his underlings siphoned from his businesses and delivered to him. (Brown denied this.)

A few of the 96 alleged violations filed in the motion against Brown include:

-- A $20,000 monthly lease on an apartment in New York City's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

-- $1.75 million spent on his yacht, the Amora.

-- $1.1 million on, oh wait, guess what, another fuckin' yacht, the Estasi.

-- $79,587 at VCH Jewelry

-- $83,000 at DIOR 57th in NYC.

-- $24,264 at Saks Fifth Avenue (Houston) -- over three days

-- $105,000 at Bergdorf Goodman (over 16 days)

We'll have more soon.

(See our further coverage of the Brown hearing, where he claims he's broke and former Astro Jeff Bagwell is trying to take his kids.)

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miss_msry topcommenter

When did Brown become 'self aware'?


Who cares how much he spent on what?  It's his own money fellas.  Don't be haters.  The ex-wife and her attorneys are just trying to cash in on this guys business.  She didn't work since she hooked up with him and now she wants it all?  She  lives in his home, has his fancy cars and wants his business too?  She already has the kids and a new boyfriend.  Leave him alone to spend his money as he wants he's the one that made it.  So what if he paid a few strippers, c'mon guys if you had money, you would too!

Mike Eder
Mike Eder

just no limit to the weirdness with Dr. Brown. lol


Not just the TWO apartments at the Waldorf, he had a lease at the Trump Tower in New York too!  Trying to figure out which one he was going to use to impress the next young dumb stripper was quiet the task.


He wasn't fleeced!  He throws money at anyone he wants to bed with or he wants to impress and his money is his  ultimate control tactic.  Once he impresses you with the extravagant life style and pulls you in, lavishes you with expensive gifts, then he let's you know that you owe him and  he uses it to control you and your every move and does what he wants to you because you have no choice, because you are dependant on him....just the way he wants it and there is little way out for you and that's when it gets ugly, and he makes leaving options even worse. Yes, the devil does where PRADA!!!


I've got some free time and I love following these updates.. Is he back in court tomorrow?


So this man is a maker, creating a grand empire which employs so many folks....and by spending so lavishly, which spreads the money around and keeps people employed. And his girlfriends and wives are the takers, relying on his largesse primarily, for certain favors rendered. And they both are makers, in the sense that they are making their attorneys very wealthy.

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