Metal Thieves Busted, Literally and Otherwise

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Courtesy Harris County Sheriff's Office
A trio of thieves were caught in the act of attempting to steal copper wire from a building on FM 1960 late Monday night. The break-in was reported by a CenterPoint employee who was working in the area.

One suspect was arrested immediately, while the other two were caught trying to run from the area. The three were identified (above photo from left) as Jeronimo Avelar-Dubon, 32, David Penate, 29, and Dimas Alvarenga-Quintanilla, 27.

All three were charged by the Harris County Sheriff's Office with evading arrest and burglary of a building.

But what in the hell happened to that dude on the left? The middle one has a ding above his eye and the guy on the right appears to be injury-free, but Avelar-Dubon is a wreck. There is no report of what apparently happened to his face, but it sure doesn't look good.

Next time you think you want to steal some copper wire, look at the photo of this guy and think again. Yikes.

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Rudy Martinez
Rudy Martinez

The guy on the far left jumped from an over pass

Elaine Wheeler Krause
Elaine Wheeler Krause

Even if some of the larcenous crowd DOES use Facebook, I doubt they are following you OR me ... or does everyone always think that? :)

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