RIP Macy's/Foley's, 1947-2013: Pictures from the Wake

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Photos by Abrahan Garza
It started out as a Foley's, turned into a Macy's and ended up a sad, empty hulk in the middle of downtown.

The big blank block that served as a downtown department store for almost 66 years closed down over the weekend.

We listed six oddities you may not have known about the store (A fallout shelter for 39,000 people? Spider-Man battling the Hulk?), and on Saturday our Abrahán Garza went to document the last few hours.

"The only items I saw for sale, other than fixtures and empty jewelry cases, were mink coats," he says.

Here's how it looked:

Everything must go, and pretty much did.

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Janet Ng
Janet Ng

So sad!!! I loved shopping there during lunch.

Debra Fuentes
Debra Fuentes

Another department store is coming, so that's what I saw on the news. I got my first job at Foley's, I was an original.

Michael Berwick Sr
Michael Berwick Sr

I told everyone in houston has lost there minds! Astrodome?astroworld? Macys????sum it up to? Greedy dumbasses! Not thinking things threw!

Descent Into Madness
Descent Into Madness

Sad to see it go, bought tons of stuff there, including furniture when I worked downtown.

Kylejack topcommenter

One image per page, and not even enough pictures to make it a proper slideshow? Why do you hate America?


@Kylejack I wonder if it even pays off in the end. I never go through all the slides because no matter what internet connection or computer you have, the pages always load slowly. It's not as if readers are demanding more clicks to get through something, just the advertisers and marketing department.

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