Love on the Run? Cops Say Justin Burns, Suspected Rapist of 6-Year-Old Autistic Girl, Hiding Out with Woman

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Justin Burns and Sarah Peterson: On the run?
Everyone takes a crazy road trip at one time or another. Sometimes the craziness comes from the people you've chosen to travel with.

But if what the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office says is true, Sarah Peterson has made a far, far worse choice in a traveling companion than you ever have.

The MCSO says they are looking for Justin Burns, a) who they say is a rapist; b) whose victim is autistic; and c) whose autistic victim is six years old.

Deputies tracked Burns, 30, down to Colorado Springs and authorities attempted to arrest him there, but he escaped, according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter.

The MCSO says he's been seen with Peterson and they believe he may still be traveling with her.

Burns is facing charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child in connection with the alleged rape in June. No charges have been filed against Peterson.

The MCSO is asking anyone with information on the case to call Montgomery County Crimestoppers at 800-392-7867.

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Shoot them both with the bullet.


My wife is Autistic and this pervert is sick people like him who pray on children even worse some one with special needs needs to be put down like the dog he is.just my personal opinion

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