Five Reasons No One Should Use (sNSFW)

Seriously, I don't even know where to start. Let's just start by saying there is a Web site called (I'm not going to link to it because I'm not) and the purpose of this site is to allow you to tell it what Facebook friends you would like to pleasure (or more likely be pleasured by) and it indicates whether or not they feel the same (fyi, they don't).

It's a relatively simple concept designed to keep your carnal desires hidden from people until the feelings are mutual, because nothing has ever gone wrong when people try to hook up using technology.

The more I thought about this advancement in hooking up, the more I realized what a monumentally bad idea it was.

5. The name is gross.

Look, this isn't meant to be a way for classy friends to meet and have a classy evening filled with class, but "Bang With Friends" is more than just to the point (or tip, as the case may be). The term "bang" is weird enough, but seeing it repeated on the Web site over and over makes me feel like I'm listening to some bro who keeps saying the same word until someone says, "Dude, get a thesaurus already."

4. This image/explanation.

First, ew. Second, while I guess this might be considered clever, I can't help but feel visually violated by this health class illustration as a means of explaining how simple it is to...uh...bang. Just no.

3. I mean...the logo.

Years ago, when I was about 14, I was in Europe on a trip with my parents when I spotted a ruler with sex positions on it at a novelty store. What struck me beyond the hormone-induced fascination was how impossible some of the positions looked. I swear, one was a 69 with a dude seated holding a woman upside down. What the hell? It's one thing to put some version of the Kneeling Wheelbarrow on a naughty ruler, but to make it your logo is stupid.

2. It requires YOUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK to comply.

What is this, MySpace? I suppose Facebook has its own version of Grindr going on behind the scenes for people of all sexual persuasions, but allowing an app like this to have access to my Facebook feed seems like a major risk. Oh, sure, it's TOTALLY secure and discreet. Nothing bad could ever happen...except...

1. Mom?

I know that it says you have to select friends you want to "bang" and only then will it be revealed if they feel the same, but one wrong click or drunken joke and...OH MY GOD, MY MOM WANTS TO BANG! Don't take that chance.

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Couldn't agree more with Jeff Blake..Bwf is really pathetic.. If you want to see a 10 times better implementation of this concept..Check out (Trint is a made up word that means true intentions) 

It seems that TrintMe has won couple of awards and have Stanford University professors on their advisory board..... However, TrintMe never got the publicity that BWF received because all the journalist cover something sensational like BWF..Check it out..


Beyond the fact that a writer for the Houston Press is writing about something they find tasteless is pretty humorous in itself (I kid because I care), I don't see why this is so off-putting. Did Facebook itself not start as a tasteless "rate this person's looks" Ivy League version of frat-house mentality? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Besides, if the average Facebook user has about 200 friends and Facebook has approximately 64% female users, that's about 128 women that are up for consideration (okay, so let's agree to back your mom and your Aunt Shirley out of that number and call it 120-ish) and mutual consent, which has to be a good thing, always. That's still not a bad data set which, by definition, is already somewhat friendly toward you.  That's now down to about the same odds as winning $10 off a $1 scratch-off ticket with a potentially much more exciting result (or happy ending, if you prefer). Sure, plenty there could go wrong, as with any burgeoning relationship, but wouldn't most young people on the lookout like to supplement their chances by dropping an extra line in the water (hey, even your wingman wouldn't be completely left out in the cold on this one)? And with little front-end investment, I'd think you only need 1 "win" overall to claim that it's a success.

Autumn Rain Adams
Autumn Rain Adams

Would never heard about it, but now I have thanks to Houston Press. No thanks I'll pass.

Sherry LaFleur Asbury
Sherry LaFleur Asbury

I guess the question mark threw me....I thought it was asking what was good to do late at night with friends. Boy do I feel silly lol

Jessica Uresti
Jessica Uresti

Wont work haha. I will bet 99% will be men signing up. Kind of funny though.

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