DeAndre Jordan's Dunk Immortalized by the Voice of WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross!

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In 2013, one of the biggest gauges of your brand, your legacy, your relevance is what I like to call the "Google ______" test. Put someone's name in Google and what are the first three or four items that Google self-fills in as related topics after that name.

If my "Google _____" test for DeAndre Jordan is any indicator, he will now and forever be known as the guy who singlehandedly ruined Detroit Piston point guard Brandon Knight by turning him into a grease spot on Sunday night while throwing down an alley-oop dunk.

The first three things on DeAndre Jordan's "Google _____" test?

DeAndre Jordan dunk
DeAndre Jordan dunk on Brandon Knight
DeAndre Jordan highlights

(For the record, my editors will be happy to know that the first item to pop up after "Sean Pendergast" is "Sean Pendergast Houston Press." I would have gone with "Sean Pendergast kolaches," but that's me.)

In case your cable has been out since Sunday or you haven't been within 100 feet of a television in the last three days, here is the DeAndre Jordan tour de force of which I type:

As is custom in this day and age, Jordan's slam was immediately decorated with the usual social media "hardware" -- hilarious photoshops, hashtag tributes, and a column of tweets sent directly to Knight (@BrandonKnight07, if you want to pay your respects) that were piling up at a "national debt ticker in Times Square" rate of speed.

This dunk got so much run, if it were a person it could run for president and carry at least as many states as Romney did last November. (For the record, Jadeveon Clowney's hit on Vincent Smith would win back-to-back elections and annex all of North America into our control.)

So how do you further immortalize an already immortal play? Well, by dubbing WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross's legendary call of Mick Foley's plunge off the cell in his "Hell in the Cell" match with the Undertaker in 1998, of course!

Awesome. And how have we not been dubbing this Jim Ross call over every big hit in sports? Can someone retroactively please go back and lay down some "Good God almighty" on top of A&M's Quentin Coryatt's decapitating hit on this poor bastard from TCU in 1991?

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