Boy Scouts Selling Camp Strake, and It's Likely to Become Master Planned Community

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I was never a Boy Scout. I didn't have anything against it, personally, but it was just never my thing. But friends I knew who were all went to Camp Strake at some point in their childhoods. The sprawling 2,100-acre property along I-45 in Conroe is apparently quite beautiful and if you are in the market, you might want to snatch it up, because it is about to be for sale.

According to a report from the Houston Business Journal, the land is being annexed by Conroe and has no particular zoning restrictions. That means, assuming you have some serious bank, you could buy the land and turn it into whatever you want: a park, a militia hideout, an amusement park for four-wheeler riders, whatever.

The description of the area from the Boy Scouts Sam Houston Area Council website sounds pretty awesome.

Janis and George Fleming Cub World is the Cub Scout retreat area. Spread out over 100 acres in Camp Strake among stands of tall pine and oak, it is sure to be a boy's dream of an outdoor adventure come true.


In addition to the 14 wooded campsites for camping, there are many features of Cub World such as the Program Building, where you can hold your Den or Pack meeting, pinewood or regatta derby. The sports field right beside it can accommodate your softball game, relay races or any other outdoor games that might require a large field.


If that is not enough, head on over to the Stockade or Fort for an old west shootout with your water pistols or cool off with some water balloons. Not far from there, located just at the water's edge of Brown and Root Lake, is the Pirate Ship, which you simply must explore.

Additionally, the camp has a large lake and a conference center. The camp was dedicated in 1944 and no doubt many a scout has spent time camping there. Now, it will most likely be a master planned community where former scouts can camp live in tents luxury homes just like they used to as boys. Sigh.

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I was more upset when they sold Camp Hudson - it was on Memorial, and Briar Forest now cuts through what was the middle of it.  It went all the way back to Buffalo Bayou, and was very densely wooded - enough so that you could easily lose awareness of the surrounding suburbs.  Strake, on the other main memories of it were the ants, mosquitos, and mud.   


Two things, the first is pretty nit-picky, its Camp Strake (correct in the body of the article, but wrong in the title). Two, They are selling Strake to finance the creation of a NEW Camp Strake further away from the city.  Camping there as a Kid, I remember certain camp sites that were close enough to the edge of the property that you could sneak out to the nearby Albertsons for late night snacks.

Regardless, they have a good plan in place for the transition from this camp to the next one, the current camp will not be sold until the next one is purchased, built out and ready. Here's some more info from the Sam Houston Area Council:


@Mr.Can They will use the money to finance the new camp, yeah, but they're only doing so because Conroe has pressured them.  Sewer pipes already run through the property, and the city plans to expand its sewage facility onto parts of it.  The city has put annexation on its agenda a few times, too.  You're right that the scouts have a plan in place, and that they have plenty of time to find a buyer and a new property before they move.

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