Puppy Overload at BARC! Cuteness Levels Spiking!!

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Photos by BARC
The dude (dudette?) above looks like he just got a look in the mirror and discovered that someone's slapped a green scarf on him. St. Patrick's Day is cool and all, but running with the guys while sporting fashion from Le Chez de Charles Nelson Reilly isn't going to win any macho points.

But sacrifices must be made, especially in the furtherance of a good cause, and the good cause he's pushing is getting Houstonians to adopt some damn puppies STAT.

"The puppy nursery at BARC is bursting at the seams," said BARC spokesman Chris Newport said. "It's puppy season year-round in Houston, but we always see a spike during the spring season. We've taken in 131 puppies just in the last week and 422 since March 1. We don't expect that number to decrease for at least the next couple of months. If you've been looking to adopt a new puppy, now is a great time to do it at BARC."

It's spring, and a young pup's thoughts turn to hooking up and getting him some. Ah, romance.

If you don't adopt me, I shall bore myself to death.

BARC calls its adoption fees "the best value in town": Dogs are $50, Cats are $20, and puppies and kittens four months and younger are $75 and $35 respectively. That includes spay/neuter surgery, age-appropriate vaccinations, a one-year city license and a pre-registered microchip with lifetime registration.

Helping out with the cause is Mayor Annise Parker, who weekly poses with BARC pets, none of which seem too impressed to be in City Hall getting glamour-photographed.

Wake me up when this is over, Mayor, willya?

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BE CAREFUL when adopting pets from BARC.

        They legally steal puppies off fenced-in properties and even though there are "No Trespassing" signs posted on the fence, according to The Houston Police Department, BARC can and will legally (backed by The Houston Police) trespass and steal pets of citizens' properties.  If you are worried or concerned about BARC stealing your animal, they will charge you $500.00 and then once you have agreed to pay, they will not only sell your pet to someone else just to be spiteful, but they will make FALSE ACCUSATIONS against you to the Police!

        No matter how honest and law-abiding you are, you cannot trust people who engage in moral turpitude and those people are the Managers and Supervisors at BARC.  Unfortunately, in this city, innocent people are wrongfully prosecuted.

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