Five Reasons We Must Keep Alive

Keep it going, man.
It seems we've dodged a momentary bullet, readers. After Jeff Balke's recent and scathing take-down, certain of us remain concerned that has generated enough ill-will that it may yet be taken down. We're awaiting word whether or not the site's backers were actually persuaded by Hair Balls's logic -- we know we can toss our weight with the best of 'em -- but, for the time being, we want to reassure you that there are those few dissenting voices that still buttress BangWithFriends' ranks.

That's not to say that we all subscribed to the site's services, but -- like the wooly mammoth or Tower Records before it -- there's something lost when we witness the demise of another beautiful thread of existence. As such, here are five reasons why we need to make sure the site remains for generations to come. It may not be the BangWithFriends we need, but the BangWithFriends we deserve:

5. Because, my God, the convenience:
Dating is a pain in the ass. This theme's as rote as it is overwritten, so I'll spare you anecdote and ball-of-flame burnouts. But, still: You already know these people. You know them well enough to have taken the time to look them up on your laptop and smartphone and tablet, and to have let them see all the Humane Society and enchilada photos you've posted. They understand who you are and what you ingest. These are not things you'd need to cover in conversation, in a new meeting. You already have a fair sketch of one another -- no need to shell out for dessert, no need to try to impress with shaving. In and out and on your way.

4. This image:

bang-with-friends01.jpg still hilarious.

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Think of BWF as having a good script and plot in the hands of worst director and actors


A very well written article.. Especially your point 3.. Because you just never know....

However, I think Houston Press does have a point. BWF have taken a good concept.. (By the way, this concept is being used on 100's of confession pages that 100's of colleges have) and completely botched it..Check out  They have also won a couple of awards and have Stanford University professors on their advisory board etc.. Unfortunately, TrintMe hasn't got the kind of publicity that BWF got.. So, if you want to keep something alive, you might want to check TrintMe for yourself and keep that alive..By the way, trint is a made up word that means True intentions.. If you speak to those people at TrintMe, ask them to change their name :-) Tech Crunch called them a classier app but dissed them for their name..and TechCrunch is right..

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