Sports Radio Fantasy Draft: Filling Out the Lineups of Two Local Stations with Talent from the Existing Four

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Both still on, but paired differently in my world.
6 a.m. - 10 a.m.

Right or wrong, people like to wake up in the morning to the kind of radio that spawned shock jocks and crazy, loud on-air antics. While sports radio might require a slightly toned-down version, it does need big personalities, and I give it to them.

Josh Innes & John Granato
I was very tempted to put Zierlein and Granato back together. They were one of the most successful morning-show pairings in sports radio. But it's better to move forward and, frankly, this duo might be even better. I have been critical of Innes in the past, but he has talent and a lot of loyal listeners (as evidenced by his strong afternoon ratings), something that is not easy to come by. His personality seems perfectly matched to the morning drive time, and who better to pair him with than a morning-show veteran and straight man in Granato? I could see these two really stirring it up.

Sean Pendergast & Rich Lord
This feels like an inspired pairing. Pendergast is talented, smart and in tune with social media. Lord is a pro still at the top of his game after years in the business, with a wealth of knowledge particularly in baseball and football making their knowledge complementary -- especially with Pendergast's college and basketball understanding. Neither is unafraid to take on more controversial topics, and I have a feeling they would agree on a lot. Plus, they both have the sort of casual, guy-at-a-bar demeanor that seems extremely well suited for co-hosts.

10 a.m. - noon

Since football in Texas is like religion, why not two hours entirely focused on it every day of the year? But if it's going to happen, better make sure we have hosts with real-world knowledge.

Greg Koch & N.D. Kalu
One of a few on-air pairings I kept together, Koch and Kalu are perfect for this two-hour morning slot. They rarely talk about anything but football, which is what to expect from two former NFL players, but the discussion is often insightful and the Uncle Greg segments are always worth a listen, either live or on the podcast. This is an ideal slot for this type of team.

Jerome Solomon & Seth Payne
Payne recently joined Mike Meltser, replacing Brad Davies, and while he still has a lot to learn about radio, like Koch and Kalu he provides a firsthand accounting of how things really are in the NFL. With a veteran columnist like Solomon to help balance out the discussion, this could make a good, football-focused show.

Noon - 3 p.m.

Traditionally, the midday time slot is a solo spot. Ratings tend to be lower for local shows and hosts have to carry segments with odd or nonexistent callers. To me, this is the spot for hosts who can hold their own with or without having to answer phones.

Matt Thomas & Mike Meltser
Honestly, Thomas has become one of my favorite listens during the day. Part of that may be due to the fact that we are about the same age and have pretty much all the same pop-culture references, but it's also that he is so good at keeping things rolling at a time of day that can fall into lulls. Meltser and his whole hyper-logical, "fair" approach would do well with Thomas and current show producer Ross Villarreal, who acts as a de facto co-host with Thomas now and would still be a valuable asset. In a way, this would just be an expansion of what Thomas does, but with a young, balanced voice in Meltser.

Nick Wright & John Harris
Next to Pendergast and Lord, this might be the pairing I most want to hear created. Harris is a brilliant sports mind with a bombastic approach that feels like a perfect fit with Wright's edgy commentary. There would be a ton of fireworks with this duo, but it would be damn entertaining and has the potential to be the most informative show of the day. The more I think about it, the more I'd like to hear it. Make it happen, radio gods!

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innes is some sort of atheist rabble rousing fool who we are supposed to take as 'hip'.  meltser is the most unintentionally obtuse radio host i've ever heard.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Really ticked that Clanton & Wessling got the boot.  It was a great pairing and infinitely better than Innes and Lord.  Someone needs to wise up and throw them at 610.

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