Sports Radio Fantasy Draft: Filling Out the Lineups of Two Local Stations with Talent from the Existing Four

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If it were up to me, Clanton and Wessling would still be on the air.
One of the arguments against expansion in pro sports leagues is that it dilutes the talent pool. There are enough great players to fill out the lineups for 30 teams, but are there enough for 32? It's an important factor to consider.

On Monday, 1560 KGOW fired Adam Clanton and John Wessling, hosts of the Afternoon Delight show. They will move our own Sean Pendergast and longtime morning stalwart John Granato to the afternoon slot and fill the mornings with national programming from their Yahoo! Sports Radio network. KGOW is no stranger to shuffling lineups, going from upstart independent to mangled conglomerate in only two years.

But it underscored to me the fact that we have four full-time sports stations in Houston, KGOW, 790 KBME, 610 KILT and 97.5 FM KFNC (also owned by Gow Communications), but really only the talent to fill out the lineups of two. It made sense to me, then, to do a kind of fantasy draft with talent taken directly from the existing pool and line them up on two fictional stations as I saw fit. If millions of people can pretend to be GMs, why can't I pretend to be a station manager?

First, The Talent (in alphabetical order)

Adam Clanton (recently with 1560, so he stays)
Fred Davis (610)
Fred Faour (97.5)
John Granato (1560)
John Harris (1560)
AJ Hoffman (97.5)
Josh Innes (610)
Matt Jackson (790)
N.D. Kalu (790)
Greg Koch (790)
John Lopez (610)
Rich Lord (610)
Mike Meltser (610)
Charlie Pallilo (790)
Seth Payne (610)
Sean Pendergast (1560)
Jerome Solomon (97.5)
Dave Tepper (97.5)
Matt Thomas (790)
Barry Warner (610)
John Wessling (like Clanton, was with 1560 until Monday)
Adam Wexler (790)
Nick Wright (610)
Lance Zierlein (790)

Next, the Time Slots

I'm assuming two separate stations with lineups that look like this:

6 a.m. - 10 a.m. (morning drive)
10 a.m. - noon (mid-morning)
noon - 3 p.m. (midday)
3 p.m. - 7 p.m. (afternoon drive)
7 p.m. - 10 p.m. (night shift)

Additionally, one set each of weekend crews that can work a floating schedule based on games and keep local talk on the air.

This lineup gives maximum coverage and allows certain shows -- mid-morning, for example -- to be shorter and more focused, similar to what Koch and Kalu do currently. And, surprisingly, if we assume two hosts per show, we need 24 total people, and the list of regular on-air talent listed above, as luck would have it, is exactly 24. So no one gets left out, just like in Little League.

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innes is some sort of atheist rabble rousing fool who we are supposed to take as 'hip'.  meltser is the most unintentionally obtuse radio host i've ever heard.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Really ticked that Clanton & Wessling got the boot.  It was a great pairing and infinitely better than Innes and Lord.  Someone needs to wise up and throw them at 610.

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