Zen Beard: Could James Harden Be a Wise Sage? Only This Meme Knows For Sure

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James Harden is an All-Star this year for the first time in his career. He also seems to be an affable fellow with a beard that could swallow a small army. The combination of his beard and cool, laid-back demeanor got me to thinking that he could be a prophet or a sage or some sort of soothsayer. I mean, have you ever heard him say something stupid? Just look at this Tweet for proof:

They say nosce te ipsum (know thyself) might be the most important proverb of them all. I think James Harden might have a few of his own to add to the list. They may have started as Zen koans or sayings from the Buddha or even Yoda, but we think they sound better coming from the beard. Click to the next page to see the wisdom unfold.

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