15 More of the Worst Astros Baseball Cards Ever

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3. Derrell's pompadour was so thick and well-maintained, he didn't even have to wear a batting helmet.

2. Jeff tried to not let the other guys see him crying every time he was tagged out at second during double-plays, but sometimes Craig Biggio would see and pat him on the ass just a little lighter when he came back to the dugout.

1. Mark lost a bet while still in the minors and had to legally change his name to his favorite dessert.

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I'm now in my mid 40's and spent a great deal of my youth in Houston . I was all about the Astros teams of the 1970's . It's not going to matter a whole lot photograph wise, w/ the players in that horrible,  classic-orange, color assortment, uniform disaster . Several could be ranked amongst professional sports' worst !

I live in Denver & support both city's teams equally . I'm walking distance from Coors Field & have only missed a few Astros/Rockies games . I'll wear a Rockies hat & shorts along w/ an Astros jersey . ( Or some variation . )  I get more remarks when I wear the 'classic' Houston jersey and not sportin' a c-boy hat or a ridiculous pair of boots to complete the 'ensemble' .


Scooter Tucker card FAIL--Astros card--but clearly you can see by the signage it was taken in San Diego. Not good.

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