15 More of the Worst Astros Baseball Cards Ever

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12. "Today during interviews with reporters in Cincinnati, Astros player Jose Cruz stared off into the middle distance for five minutes during a press conference, bewildering local reporters, before biting off the foam from the top of a nearby microphone."

11. No, friends, Tony Scott isn't trying to run out a swift line drive to third base, he's about to attack the opposing pitcher for making fun of his sideburns.

10. Claude Raymond fancied himself the Canadian bad boy on the 1967 Astros squad, but being photographed for two straight years with his zipper down in his baseball card photos kinda screwed up his image.

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I'm now in my mid 40's and spent a great deal of my youth in Houston . I was all about the Astros teams of the 1970's . It's not going to matter a whole lot photograph wise, w/ the players in that horrible,  classic-orange, color assortment, uniform disaster . Several could be ranked amongst professional sports' worst !

I live in Denver & support both city's teams equally . I'm walking distance from Coors Field & have only missed a few Astros/Rockies games . I'll wear a Rockies hat & shorts along w/ an Astros jersey . ( Or some variation . )  I get more remarks when I wear the 'classic' Houston jersey and not sportin' a c-boy hat or a ridiculous pair of boots to complete the 'ensemble' .


Scooter Tucker card FAIL--Astros card--but clearly you can see by the signage it was taken in San Diego. Not good.

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